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James Albright

Connected Cockpit: Inflight Internet Access—Safety Tool Or Hazard?  3
Since there has been only one solitary accident from texting, cellphone use or internet access, should we conclude the risk is negligible? Or have we just been lucky all these years?
Squawk This! Creating Effective Maintenance Write-Ups 
An early initiation for most pilots includes the humor of poorly written maintenance write-ups, or "squawks." We all laugh about the nonsensical pilot entries made on the left side of an aircraft's maintenance log destined to be corrected by a funnier mechanic's entry on the right.
Reclaiming Situational Awareness 
Circumventing academic annexation and putting SA to practical use.
My Gulfstream G500 Initial: Reinventing How We Train  6
Getting up to speed with the latest Gulfstream is a matter of adapting old philosophies with new. It has a flight deck for the iPhone generation.
Stick And Rudder Versus Digital Dependence  5
Can this airplane land itself? That is a frequent question from the flying public when first viewing a high-tech cockpit.
Sidestepping Operational Complacency: From One Challenger To Another  7
Like most people my age, I can recall where I was when I heard that the space shuttle Challenger had exploded and broken apart, killing all seven crewmembers.
Rejected Takeoff Authority: Is Dividing Captain’s Command A Good Idea?  9
As a first officer, I was trained to make the go/no-go decision. As a captain, I expect the same from my first officers. If he/she calls for an abort, I do it.
Staying On Glidepath: The Dangers Of The Duck-Under  12
Whenever I witness a transport airplane cross a runway threshold by a few feet, I think back to all the accidents in which aiming for “brick one” ended badly.
Aviation’s Two Most Dangerous Words: 'Watch This'  8
There is no shortage of bad ideas out there, but the ones that concern me are old sayings with a history of being wrong yet are still embraced by some pilots.
Dodging The Golden BB: Neither Good Luck Nor Bad Is A Strategy  4
There is a theory in military aviation that enemy flak, anti-aircraft rounds or even missiles don't matter because only one is meant for you.
Paranoid Pilots Club: A Few Techniques From A Charter Member  4
As far as I can see, we pilots fit into two groups. Half of us are compelled to double-check things that have already been checked.
Checking Your Angst: Dealing With Check-Ride Nerves, Inflight Mistakes  8
A check ride is more of an evaluation of the training program than of the student. If the trainers did a good job, the student will pass.
Premeditated Stupidity: A Planned Mistake Is Something Worse  15
It seems we pilots never run out of ways to be stupid. I think the best way to avoid that is to examine the actions of others who clearly did not.
Handling Wet And Contaminated Runways  3
Every year or so, we see another case of a passenger-carrying aircraft sliding off the end of a runway. Given the sheer number of landings in winter, the writer is surprised it doesn’t happen more regularly.
Beating Murphy’s Law: If Something Unsafe Can Happen, Be Ready  4
Examining the origins of the phrase Murphy's Law reveals lessons for aviators trying to keep the act of flying from Point A to Point B as safe as possible.

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