James Albright


He is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot with time in the T-37B, T-38A, KC-135A, EC-135J (Boeing 707), E-4B (Boeing 747) and C-20A/B/C (Gulfstream III). Since turning civilian, he has flown the CL-604, Gulfstream GIV, GV, G450, and now the GVII-G500. He is the webmaster and principal author at Code7700.com


Being Better, Part 2: Responsibility and Respect

By James Albright Jul 13, 2021
Balancing professional and personal identities.
Business Aviation

Being Better, Part 1

By James Albright Jul 11, 2021
Understand your deficiencies and continue learning.
Business Aviation

Being a Better Captain, Part 2

By James Albright Jul 08, 2021
Consider the authority gradient. Which are you?
Maintenance & Training