James Albright

Rejected Takeoff Authority: Is Dividing Captain’s Command A Good Idea?  7
As a first officer, I was trained to make the go/no-go decision. As a captain, I expect the same from my first officers. If he/she calls for an abort, I do it.
Oops, Wrong Airport: It’s More Than Embarrassing, It’s Dangerous  54
There are a variety of contributing factors that result in wrong-airport landings and a few common threads we can look out for to avoid being on the nightly news.
Staying On Glidepath: The Dangers Of The Duck-Under  12
Whenever I witness a transport airplane cross a runway threshold by a few feet, I think back to all the accidents in which aiming for “brick one” ended badly.
Aviation’s Two Most Dangerous Words: 'Watch This'  8
There is no shortage of bad ideas out there, but the ones that concern me are old sayings with a history of being wrong yet are still embraced by some pilots.
Dodging The Golden BB: Neither Good Luck Nor Bad Is A Strategy  4
There is a theory in military aviation that enemy flak, anti-aircraft rounds or even missiles don't matter because only one is meant for you.
Paranoid Pilots Club: A Few Techniques From A Charter Member  4
As far as I can see, we pilots fit into two groups. Half of us are compelled to double-check things that have already been checked.
Checking Your Angst: Dealing With Check-Ride Nerves, Inflight Mistakes  8
A check ride is more of an evaluation of the training program than of the student. If the trainers did a good job, the student will pass.
Premeditated Stupidity: A Planned Mistake Is Something Worse  15
It seems we pilots never run out of ways to be stupid. I think the best way to avoid that is to examine the actions of others who clearly did not.
Handling Wet And Contaminated Runways  3
Every year or so, we see another case of a passenger-carrying aircraft sliding off the end of a runway. Given the sheer number of landings in winter, the writer is surprised it doesn’t happen more regularly.
Beating Murphy’s Law: If Something Unsafe Can Happen, Be Ready  4
Examining the origins of the phrase Murphy's Law reveals lessons for aviators trying to keep the act of flying from Point A to Point B as safe as possible.
Top Gun Debrief: Taking Your Mission Reviews To The Next Level  5
Every training flight is followed by an analysis that may take longer than the flight itself. The debrief was a major part of the training sortie.
Paper Or Digital? Going Paperless On Your Next Crossing 
We've all heard: "When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the airplane, you are ready to fly." And it's never truer than when you fly transoceanic.
The Great Escape: Diverting From An Oceanic Track Requires Plan  2
“The art of international flight operations includes the science of knowing how to pick up the pieces when they fall.”
Reading Minds: Keeping Cockpit Communications On Track  2
Within days, the aviation world began to understand the dangers of volcanic ash, its effect on turbofan engines, and how to survive an encounter.
Professionalism And Safety: Be The Aviator Everyone Thinks You Are  5
We in the aviation community take as an article of faith that those who occupy the seats in an airplane cockpit for a living are, in every sense of the word, professionals.
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