To Our Readers: A Thanks and Welcome

Greg Hamilton, President, Aviation Week Network

 “Legendary” is probably an overused word, but in the case of our transitioning editorial leadership at BCA, it is apropos. Their service time combined, William “Bill” Garvey, Fred George and Jessica Salerno have devoted over 100 years — yes, a century — passionately and expertly serving the business aviation community’s information needs. Along the way, they researched, composed, assigned, edited and delivered thousands of articles to help our industry fly more safely, productively . . . and enjoyably. And in the doing formed deep relationships and garnered accolades — too many to count.

Lee Ann Shay
Lee Ann Shay

When they announced their retirements, we understandably were concerned about how to carry forward the excellence of BCA’s content. Business aviation is a vital and demanding field.  It’s a big challenge to “get it right” for you — insightful, expert and analytical content is fundamental for success in your work, with timeliness and accuracy paramount to support decision making.

Fortunately, we have continued to invest through thick and thin this past decade in excellent editorial talent, along with innovative media platforms and delivery technology. With Bill Garvey’s help and mentorship, we have assembled a new digital product plan and the next-generation BCA team — all of whom have many years of experience covering the aviation industry and serving our audiences at the high standards you expect.

Molly McMillin
Molly McMillin

Leading the new team will be Lee Ann Shay, now executive editor of Business Aviation and MRO. She has been with the Aviation Week Network for 19 years, most recently as chief editor for MRO. She’s not only an accomplished aviation editor and quite familiar with business aviation, but also is an innovative and collaborative force in delivering our multichannel content involving media, data, marketplaces and events. 

Molly McMillin has been promoted to managing editor for Business Aviation, while continuing as editor-in-chief of the Weekly of Business Aviation. Molly knows the industry inside and out and is excited to step up to this broader role.

Bill Carey
Bill Carey

Bill Carey, Aviation Week’s senior editor for avionics and air traffic management, has joined the team as senior editor for Business Aviation. Bill is one of the top technology editors in the aviation world and has spent a great deal of time during his career covering business aviation. His expert work even earned him an NBAA Gold Wing Award in 2017.

Lee Ann, Molly and Bill will be supported by a formidable global team of writers, editors and digital specialists across the Aviation Week Network, notably including Rebecca Badcock, who is the lead for digital content strategy for both MRO and Business Aviation.

Rebecca Badcock
Rebecca Badcock

On the business side, with Frank Craven pursuing new opportunities, Elizabeth Zlitni is stepping up into the publisher role. She has been leading business development for our entire business aviation portfolio for several years and now takes on the general management role for BCA, as well. 

For the past 10 weeks, the incumbent and new teams have been working closely together on the next generation BCA. They committed to retain its core values around how-to, safety, operational and aircraft-centric content, while transforming the digital delivery approaches to match content and audience needs.

Among the new features:

  • A regular BCA Digest e-letter.
  • Aircraft-centric landing pages curating our vast content stores for pilot reports, data, values and more.
  • A new digital platform that delivers how-to and long-form content in multiple formats.
  • Many more rich-media features: videos, webinars, podcasts, photography.
  • Business Aviation Marketplace, with thousands of products and services at your fingertips.
  • And, of course, continued creation of such popular editorial series as Cause & Circumstance, Point of Law and 20/Twenty.

If you are a BCA subscriber, you will soon receive more details about a new digital membership incorporating all of the above into an integrated and useful content resource for you. On the advertising side, the possibilities for engaging the community are dramatically expanded, and I hope you will reach out to Elizabeth Zlitni just as soon as you read this letter! 

Once again, our heartfelt congratulations to Bill, Fred and Jessica for stellar careers and service to your business aviation community. And welcome to Lee Ann and her team to carry forward the excellence from here.

Learn more about BCA heading into a new digital era here.

Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton is president of Aviation Week Network, a division of Informa Markets. He is responsible for the overall strategy and direction for Aviation Week Network’s digital, event, print and data/analytics services covering all aspects of aviation, aerospace and defense.