Thierry Dubois

France Bureau Chief

Lyon, France


Thierry Dubois has specialized in aerospace journalism since 1997. An engineer in fluid dynamics from Toulouse-based Enseeiht, he covers the French commercial aviation, defense and space industries. His expertise extends to all things technology in Europe. Thierry is also the editor-in-chief of Aviation Week’s ShowNews. 



Airbus To Flight-Test Fuel Cell Engine From 2026

By Thierry Dubois Nov 30, 2022
Airbus plans to flight-test a hydrogen fuel cell engine on its modified A380 testbed, as it already intended to do with a hydrogen-fueled turbofan. 
Emerging Technologies

Airbus Focuses On Batteries To Enable Hybrid-Electric Architecture

By Thierry Dubois Nov 30, 2022
Airbus has signed a partnership agreement with car manufacturer Renault to improve the technology for batteries.
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Podcast: Airbus Outlines The Future Of Sustainable Air Travel
Listen in as Aviation Week editors report from the Airbus Summit in Toulouse.
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