S7 Taps Into Russian Domestic Market

The Russian MRO plans to invest around $41 million in the new facility.
Credit: S7 Technics

Russian aviation was not hit as hard as that of most countries by the virus crisis, at least domestically, according to year-end figures released by Rosaviation. In 2020, Russia had 1.3 million total flights, down 29% from 2019.

However, there were 909,000 domestic flights in 2020, down only 3% from 2019. International flights stood at 390,000 thousand in 2020, down a much more dramatic 44% from the previous year.

The relatively robust domestic activity helped one Russian MRO have a solid year. By one measure, total checks, S7 Technics’ volume of maintenance work actually increased by 3% from 2019 to 2020. The MRO performed 413 A checks and 84 C checks last year.

However, man-hours decreased by about 6%, to a little over 2 million standard hours. S7’s engine shop repaired 21 engines last year.
Company spokesman Ivan Ivanov says the MRO had to refocus efforts on its most popular services, including base maintenance, engineering services and redelivery checks.

“These measures helped to evenly distribute the loading of hangars, since a large amount of base maintenance was performed during the summer, when the intensity of fleet operation by airlines was reduced.” During 2020, S7 completed 11 redelivery checks.

S7 deputy general director Roman Fedorov stresses that the MRO continued to invest in most of its pre-crisis projects. These include reconstruction of facilities at Sheremetyevo airport, where shops for the repair of APUs and hospital repair of engines will be located, and additional hangar area in Novosibirsk. In the next two years, S7 plans to repair APUs and do major repairs of CFM56–5Bs and 7Bs. 

In 2020, S7 became one of the first Russian MROs to use AMOS MRO Edition. Ivanov notes that many airlines and others in the aftermarket use AMOS, so interactions with these partners will be easier.

In 2021, S7 Technics wants to expand its customers by working with foreign companies, air cargo carriers and lessors.