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Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
What’s Hot In Airline Avionics Upgrades 
Airlines’ avionics upgrade efforts target obsolescence with enhanced vision and connectivity to support predictive maintenance.
Managing Engine MRO Under Uncertainty And Market Stress 
How airlines can avoid expensive mistakes in planning engine maintenance while maximizing performance and controlling costs.
EASA Grants Approvals To Two Chinese MROs 
Two of Asia-Pacific’s biggest MRO providers have obtained approvals from European regulator EASA.
Predictive Analytics To Avoid APU Failures Evolving 
Can predictive maintenance get auxiliary power units to 100% operational reliability?
GE Offers Agreement To Cut CF34-10E Shop Visit Cost By 30%
Azorra launches new program enabled by reliability of regional aircraft engine.
IBA Sees Healthy Cargo Conversion Market Over Next Five, 20 Years
Narrowbody makeovers should shift from 737 Classics to NGs and A320 family.
Digital Tools Crucial To Modern Logistics 
MRO and logistics providers using evolving technologies to improve reliability of deliveries and forecast real-time inventory needs for parts.
What’s So New About Digital Twinning? 
Digital twins are improving predictive maintenance capabilities, but more data inputs are needed to make the process more robust.
Moog Proves Blockchain Can Help Provide Just-In-Time Parts 
An industry collaboration has shown how blockchain can make on-demand 3D printing of parts within aviation more realistic.
Emirates Cuts Unscheduled Engine Removals by One-Third
The UAE airline is using a new GE predictive tool for managing engines that is reaping major benefits.
Big Business In Converting Small Aircraft 
Good things come in small packages, as in converting regional aircraft into cargo-carrying gems.
Data Security: What You Need To Know About Aviation Platforms 
Understand how aviation data is used, stored and secured in proprietary platforms.
FLYDocs Advances Digital Records Management With SWISS, Edelweiss Air 
Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), which flies a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and its sister carrier Edelweiss Air, which flies 15 Airbus aircraft, recently signed a five-year contract with aviation data and records management solution provider FLYdocs.
Natural Language Processing For Aircraft Maintenance Explained 
Big data analytics works great with data, but how can you add written aircraft manuals and mechanic troubleshooting notes to the mix?
How Technology Innovations Will Change MRO 
Stakeholders predict how innovative technologies, such as IoT, robotics and blockhain, will change future MRO operations.

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