Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
Emirates Cuts Unscheduled Engine Removals by One-Third
The UAE airline is using a new GE predictive tool for managing engines that is reaping major benefits.
Big Business In Converting Small Aircraft 
Good things come in small packages, as in converting regional aircraft into cargo-carrying gems.
Data Security: What You Need To Know About Aviation Platforms 
Understand how aviation data is used, stored and secured in proprietary platforms.
FLYDocs Advances Digital Records Management With SWISS, Edelweiss Air 
Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), which flies a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and its sister carrier Edelweiss Air, which flies 15 Airbus aircraft, recently signed a five-year contract with aviation data and records management solution provider FLYdocs.
Natural Language Processing For Aircraft Maintenance Explained 
Big data analytics works great with data, but how can you add written aircraft manuals and mechanic troubleshooting notes to the mix?
How Technology Innovations Will Change MRO 
Stakeholders predict how innovative technologies, such as IoT, robotics and blockhain, will change future MRO operations.
Flexibility Key to Changing Engine MRO Industry

Oil prices, like elections, have consequences. When oil prices rose steadily and dramatically from 2000 to 2008, airlines and their suppliers scrambled for ways to deal with much higher fuel costs, and the prime solution was more efficient engines.

Regulatory Compliance Starts With Documents
With being compliant critical for airlines, one Swedish company is exploring an easier and better way to update manuals.
How Digital Twins And AI Are Impacting MRO 
Digital change is happening fast in the civil aviation aftermarket—for those that adapt, payoffs are happening.
New Rules Coming For Teardowns 
Adieu to aicraft. New guidance for aircraft teardowns is coming that should be good for both airlines and the environment.
Lessors Still Wary Of PMAs, Eager For Digitized Records 
Lessors own about half of the commercial aviation aircraft fleet, so is it a surprise their influence on PMA and digitized records is increasing?
Is Blockchain For Parts Getting More Real?
Everyone in aviation wishes all aircraft part records were digitized, but getting there is tough.
Nothing Artificial About How AI Is Transforming MRO 
How artificial intelligence is making aviation operations and maintenance more efficient and effective.
Asset Management In China Grows Up 1
Chinese leasing companies learn to plan better, now looking at engines, widebodies.
More And Smarter Sensors Are Coming 
Could the aviation industry be getting close to finding the holy grail of sensors, monitoring aircraft structures?
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