ATS Rebrands, Reorganizes And Renames As Business Grows

Following its entry into the teardown business and emphasizing six years of expansion and diversification, Aviation Technical Services has rebranded itself as simply ATS and renamed its business units, after a quarterly leadership meeting. 

Since 2013, ATS has expanded from its original Everett, Washington, facility to include heavy maintenance and airframe modification operations in Kansas City, Missouri, and Moses Lake, Washington. It has acquired three component repair facilities, and a machine shop at Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The MRO’s engineers have developed nearly a hundred PMA parts. And most recently it has entered the asset acquisition and teardown business. 

CEO Matt Yerbic says. “It’s an exciting time at ATS as we enter our fiftieth year of providing MRO and support services for aircraft and their components. It has become more apparent over the last five years that we need to do a better job of clarifying who we are and what we bring to our industry.”

ATS’s business units have been reorganized and branded into four parts. First, Airframe Services will do heavy maintenance and modification. Second, Ranger Asset Management will handle component part sales, consignment and inventory distribution services for virtually every commercial airframe and engine. Ranger will also do asset acquisition and teardown.

Third, ATS’s Component Repair unit will provide servicing and rotable exchange options for accessories, composites, electrical and fuel components, flight control surfaces, hydraulics, pneumatics and structures. Finally, Engineering Solutions will offer PMA parts, STCs and design and repair engineering.

Ranger Asset Management launched its teardown business with the purchase of a Boeing 767-3G5ER. Ranger Vice President Christopher Olds says he will initially target Boeing 737NGs and the Airbus A320 family.

But ATS’s component repair sites in Dallas-Ft Worth and Seattle also support 757, 767 and 777 components “Future growth platforms may include additional widebodies as well as regional aircraft as our business continues to evolve,” Olds says.

Conservatively, ATS is targeting the acquisition of six aircraft in 2020, most likely a combination of entire aircraft, airframes or engines. In 2021, The MRO’s goal is to double this to 12 assets.