All passengers and crew onboard a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 have been successfully evacuated after the aircraft exited the runway and ran down a slope at Turkey’s Trabzon airport.

Pegasus flight PC8622 operated by a Boeing 737-800 - registered TC-CPF - came to a halt on a steep muddy cliff side just meters from the Black Sea following its arrival from Ankara shortly before 11.30 pm local time Jan. 13. 

All 162 passengers and six crewmembers were able to clamber up to the rear doors to exit the aircraft. No injuries were reported although several people were taken to hospital, local media states.

Weather at the time of the incident was light rain, mist and low cloud, conditions which could have reduced runway braking performance. Trabzon’s single runway, 11/29 is 2,640 m (8,661 ft.) long.

Daylight images of the incident site show wheel marks off the north-side of the runway, while the starboard engine of the five-year-old airliner has been detached. The aircraft is buried up to the fuselage suggesting that the wheels and port engine helped to hold the aircraft in position on the steep cliff. Aerial images also reveal that had the crew exited the runway to the south they would have entered a recently expanded runway turnaround pad. 

The airport was temporarily closed following the incident but has since re-opened. The investigation into the crash will be the purview of Accident Investigation Board of Turkey (KAIK).

Pegasus, the Istanbul-based low-fare airline, currently operates a fleet of 44 737-800s as well as a mix of Airbus A320s and A320neos.