Tony Osborne

London Bureau Chief

London, UK


Based in London, Tony covers European defense programs. Prior to joining Aviation Week in November 2012, Tony was at Shephard Media Group where he was deputy editor for Rotorhub and Defence Helicopter magazines. Tony has covered avionics, unmanned vehicles, the supply chain and cyberwarfare.


Finland To Sign F-35 Contracts In February
Finland’s government is preparing to sign a letter of offer and acceptance for its future fleet of Lockheed Martin F-35s after a decision to select the fighter went unopposed by competitors.
andy.savoie@av… Fri, 01/21/2022 - 19:32
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UK Advancing AH-64E Apaches To Frontline Service

By Tony Osborne Jan 21, 2022
The British army hopes to fly its new fleet of Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters in national exercises as early as this summer as its looks to achieve an initial operating capability with the rotorcraft in 2023.
Defense and Space

Turkish Wind Tunnel To Support Burgeoning Aerospace Vision

By Tony Osborne Jan 21, 2022
The construction of a wind tunnel by Turkish Aerospace hints at the scale of the country’s aerospace ambitions.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain