Boeing Plans To Deliver Most Of 737 MAX Backlog By 2023 | 波音公司计划到2023年交付波音737 MAX的大部分积压订单

Credit: Boeing

随着航空公司将更多的单通道飞机复飞,并且新机的交付量也在增加,波音737 MAX的生产和交付计划正达到恢复的目标。

Boeing’s 737 MAX program recovery is hitting its marks as airlines work more of the narrowbody twins back into fleets and deliveries ramp up. 


波音737 MAX的交付中断了22个月,这与该机被全球停飞有关。波音737 MAX的交付于2020年12月8日恢复。 如今,多国监管机构正在批准该模型的复飞,波音公司的计划是到2023年交付大部分已积压的订单。

Deliveries of the 737 MAX resumed Dec. 8, 2020 after a 22-month hiatus linked to the model’s global grounding. Now that regulators are approving the model’s return, Boeing’s plan is to deliver most of the stored backlog by 2023. 


However, airframe-level utilization shows that while usage is ramping up, pandemic-related travel restrictions and reduced demand are lowering average flight-segment times as well as total activity levels.

《Aviation Week Network - 航空周刊》的数据显示,有130架波音737 MAX在2月份至少执行了一次航班,其中许多是非运营航班,而是复飞过程的一部分。

Aviation Week data shows 130 737 MAXs recorded at least one flight in February, with many of these being non-revenue flights as part of return-to-service activities.