Turbine Services & Solutions Aerospace (TS&S Aerospace) is an increasingly familiar name in the engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sphere and the highly ambitious Abu Dhabi-based company plans to continue to ensure that it becomes one of the most respected MRO facilities in the world.

TS&S Aerospace was established in 2014, born from the Engine Services division of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, which has over 23 years of experience in overhauling a wide range of aircraft engines. “Our aim is to be the partner of choice for aviation customers globally, by offering flexible, tailor-made solutions, at a competitive rate,” explains Kashish Kohli, Chief Financial Officer of TS&S Aerospace.

TS&S Aerospace adheres to stringent manufacturer requirements on capabilities and prides itself on being approved by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). “We are driving the relationship with major OEMs in the market in order to become a world class MRO and tier one producer for OEMs,” says Abdul Khaliq, Chief Executive Officer of Turbine Services & Solutions (TS&S).  

TS&S Aerospace has customers located around the world, including Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The offerings provided to these long-term customers are tailored to meet specific requirements. “As a growing independent MRO service provider maintaining close links with the OEMs, TS&S Aerospace’s strategy and shareholder objectives are different from those in a joint venture with the OEM on some platforms and very much aligned on others,” argues Ian Taylor, Vice President Sales and Commercial. “Therefore we (TS&S Aerospace) can be more flexible in our approach with customers and innovative in what kind of service offering we provide. We also benefit from working closely with the OEMs to ensure we are certified and approved to the same quality standards of all OEM network MRO facilities and of course Airworthiness Approvals, which provide valuable learning and best practices opportunities for all involved. This allows TS&S Aerospace to work to the same rigorous standards and approvals as other world class MROs, but innovate in how we do business with customers directly and deliver on their requirements no matter where they are based,” continued Taylor.  

A key element of the strategy to become a world class MRO is for TS&S to develop their in-house repair capability in order to exert increasing control over cost and overhaul turnaround time performance and act more independently of the OEMs’ repair supply chains.

“Since the creation of TS&S Aerospace in 2014, the engine MRO market has been the core focus of the business and this year we are starting to see the results of that concentrated effort. We have been increasing the number of in-house repairs we can perform on the V2500 and Trent 700 dramatically in parallel with the number of shop visits we are performing. 2015 is set to be a record year for us in terms of number of engines overhauled, with a significant number of Trent 700 shop visits. This has now set a benchmark from which we want to improve on” says Graeme Dodd, Global Sales Manager.   

The Trent 700 market is viewed as a potential growth opportunity for TS&S Aerospace. “TS&S Aerospace is the only independent Trent 700 MRO facility worldwide and our strategy is to work alongside Rolls-Royce to offer those customers who want an alternative to the traditional TotalCare commitment. By listening to our customers’ requirements and being creative we believe we can offer customers a compelling value proposition” explains Dodd. Although TS&S Aerospace is yet to secure its first third party Trent 700 customer, they have been in discussions with owners and operators to find a solution that works for all parties. Dodd explains, “There will be ongoing development of our in-house repairs that we are committed to in addition to developing a sustainable source of used material to enable a competitive shop visit price. We are hopeful that 2016 will be the year for our first third party Trent 700 overhaul.” With over 1500 Trent 700s built so far and an order book stretching well into the next decade there should be plenty of work available for TS&S Aerospace to pursue for at least another 20 years. Their commitment to repair development and implementation of used material also means that TS&S Aerospace will become an important outlet for parted out material as some of the earlier Trent 700s reach the end of their operational life.