4AIR Launches Sustainable Fuels Interactive Map

4AIR sustainable aviation fuels interactive map
Credit: 4AIR

Sustainable aviation advisory company 4AIR has launched an online interactive map that depicts locations in the U.S. and Europe where business aviation operators can find sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The interactive map at https://www.4air.aero/saf-map currently features nearly 20 verified SAF fuel locations with supply points geared toward business aviation. Boston-based 4AIR, which has developed a private aviation sustainability rating system, says it is the first aggregator of locations where business aircraft operators can find SAF.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is an efficient and effective way to reduce the impact private jets have on climate change,” said 4AIR President Kennedy Ricci. “This is the single best way for aviators to find this climate-beneficial fuel. And, by making it easier to find SAF, we hope to promote its use and expand its availability.”

A ‘Drop-In’ Fuel

SAF fueling truck
Credit: 4AIR

SAF is a “drop-in” fuel that has a similar chemical composition to fossil fuels and can be pumped, stored and used within the existing fuel infrastructure. The hydrocarbons come from more sustainable sources than fossil fuels, such as used or waste cooking oils, tallow, waste biomass and municipal solid waste. This results in a net reduction of emissions when compared to fossil jet fuel on a total life cycle basis.

In addition, some emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), particulate matter and nitrous oxides (NOx) may be reduced depending on the feedstock for SAF, the company said.

The 4AIR map excludes locations if they have uplifted SAF only once, maintain supply only for a particular customer or do not have gallons available for purchase by the business aviation community. Each active listing includes a street address, link to the FBO’s website and a contact telephone number for ease in reaching the fuel provider. The map will be updated continuously as new locations are verified or new announcements are made, the company said.

As direct uplift locations for SAF increase, 4AIR can facilitate its benefits for private jet users by assisting with SAF uplift documentation tracing to feedstock sustainability, offering accurate CORSIA-based emissions reduction calculations and compile other data necessary for a SAF claim. The International Civil Aviation Organization’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation—or CORSIA—aims to cap carbon dioxide emissions from international aviation at 2019 levels.

 “The future of sustainability within private aviation depends on the increasing demand and availability of SAF,” said Scott Cutshall, Clay Lacy Aviation senior vice president of development and sustainability. “We’re excited for 4AIR’s interactive map to make it easier for operators to locate SAF as it rolls out at more and more of their destination FBOs, including Clay Lacy locations.”

Bill Carey

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