Honeywell’s Turbine-Powered Civil Helicopter Purchase Outlook is forecasting 4,000 civil helicopters could be delivered by manufacturers over the next five years, with notable growth in the law-enforcement market and increased fleet utilization from oil-and-gas crew change operators. Nevertheless, the forecast shaved 200 helicopters from its outlook last year.

Single-engine models remain the most popular models, representing 65% of North American purchases, but Honeywell says there is increased interest in intermediate and medium twin-engine types.

Although the slightly lower numbers appear to reflect a dimmer view of the global economic outlook, the survey says there still will be 3-4% growth in annual deliveries.

Heath Patrick, Honeywell’s president for aftermarket business, said, “Despite positive impacts of U.S. tax reform on new helicopter purchase plans in North America, an inconsistent economic outlook for international markets has resulted in lower purchase plans worldwide from fleet managers when compared with a year ago.”

In Europe, the view was less positive, with only 15% of operators stating they were planning to replace or expand their fleet with a new helicopter over the next five years. The company said this figure was 22% in 2018.

The survey reveals expectations of stronger growth in the Asia-Pacific region, with 21% of China’s fleet forecast to be replaced or expanded with a new platform in the next five years. Substantial expansion also is envisaged in India, the survey suggests.