Pilatus is ceasing production of its PC-6 Porter multirole aircraft — which has been produced without interruption since 1959.

Production will end in early 2019, although customer support will continue for “at least” the next 20 years, the Pilatus said.

In 2016, Pilatus delivered nine PC-6s — known for their short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) capabilities — and none during the first six months of 2017. In all, the company has produced some 500 PC-6 aircraft at its Stans, Switzerland, facilities. Slightly fewer than 100 were produced in the U.S. by Fairchild Hiller under license.

“Due to the age of the PC-6 and other certification parameters, it is no longer possible to provide this ongoing development in the scope we would wish,” Pilatus said.

At the same time, Pilatus is ramping up production of its PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, “which requires our full attention.” Employees on the PC-6 production line will be assigned to assembly work on other Pilatus types.