Bye Aerospace’s Sun Flyer 2, a two-seat electric flight training aircraft, is in the final stages of ground testing and is expected to fly for the first time this spring.

According to company CEO George Bye, it is intended to be the first certified electric general aviation aircraft and will have more than 3 hr. of flight endurance and climb at more than 1,000 fpm.

The StratoAirNet, a high-altitude, long-endurance, solar-electric UAV, is also expected to make its first flight this spring.

It is also is also developing a four-seat electric aircraft called the Sun Flyer 4.

The Denver-based company recently closed on a $5 million Series C funding round with Galileo Global Securities, an investment banking and advisory firm, and Ashanti Capital of Australia as key participants. The funding is an important milestone, said Bye. “It’s not just a reflection of the product maturing. It’s also a reflection of the support from the investor community. We’re very pleased with both.”