Airlines are opting for more long-term agreements to maintain their CFM International (CFMI) Leap engines compared to CFM56 models, Safran says.

Francois Planaud, Safran Aircraft Engines EVP of services and MRO, says 28% of Leap engines sold to date have long-term service agreements (LTAs) attached. The figure rises to 65% when only the in-service fleet is counted. Planaud expects the total number range from 65-70%, reflecting new deals from customers that have bought the engine but not finalized their MRO plans.

Currently, more than 42% of in-service aircraft with LEAP engines are from Asia, making it the largest region in the world.


The top three airlines in the region have more than 20 of such aircraft each.


Numbers in the region are set to grow with orders finalized between CFMI and various airlines from the region during the Paris Airshow 2019.