COVID-19 Quarantines And Border Closures Continued Longer Than Anticipated | コロナ対策の隔離措置と国境閉鎖、予想よりも長期化



そんな中、最近退任した、International Airlines GroupIAG)社の元CEO・Willie Walsh氏は、エアライン業界がコロナ以前の状態に戻る日は二度と来ないと考えている。

同氏は9月22日にEurocontrolが配信したオンライン番組「Aviation Hardtalk」の中で、「これが”ニューノーマル”とされることは確かだ。あまりに多くのことに修正が必要なため、もはや業界が以前の状態に戻ることはないと考えている」と話した。

Aviation Weekのフライトデータを見ても、ヨーロッパ・中国・アメリカの主要3地域において、いずれも稼働の回復が停滞していることが分かる。


The global net of quarantines and border closures due to the COVID-19 crisis have continued far longer than most anticipated.

For the most part, Americans cannot travel into much of Europe; Europe itself is talking about potential returns to stronger lockdowns in October; China, where the virus hit first and dissipated earliest, is almost alone in resurrecting live events this year, but they are almost entirely based on domestic attendance.

Willie Walsh, the recently-retired former CEO of International Airlines Group (IAG), believes that the airline industry will never return to its pre-pandemic state.

“I think there’s certainly going to be a ‘new normal’,” Willie Walsh, the recently-retired former CEO of International Airlines Group (IAG),, said in a live online interview as part of Eurocontrol’s Aviation Hardtalk series Sept. 22. “I don’t see the industry ever going back to the way it was because there’s going to be so much repair that needs to be done.” 

Aviation Week flight data shows that utilization rates have indeed stalled across three major regions, Europe, China, and the US, in August.