10-Year Forecasts: Worldwide Deliveries Estimated 30% Down From Pre-COVID Levels | 未来十年预测:全球交付量比新冠疫情之前的水平将下降30%

Dec 09, 2020
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Slowed Chinese Passenger Growth In 2019

Jan 16, 2020
Growth in mainland Chinese airline passenger numbers slowed in 2019, when the industry carried 660 million people, up 7.9% on a year earlier, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said.
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English Text by Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich Dec 19, 2019
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English Text by Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich Dec 19, 2019
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Asia-Pacific Major Carrier Fleet Numbers

Dec 17, 2019
Asia-Pacific airlines face demand and profitability pressures in 2020, but many still plan to renew fleets.
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Airlines’ Ancillary Revenue Continues To Boom

English Text by Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 05, 2019
With hefty fuel bills, overcapacity and macroeconomic uncertainty increasing pressure on the airline industry, it is no surprise carriers worldwide are focusing attention on driving growth in ancillary revenues to boost their coffers.
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China and Boeing's 787

Bradley Perrett Nov 28, 2019
Privately owned airlines in China have more than the usual challenges in making money out of widebody aircraft: the big state carriers use their political heft to secure the best routes.
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Ancillary Revenue Opportunities Still Untapped, FTE Panel Says

Chen Chuanren Nov 13, 2019
As the air transport market in the Asia-Pacific region becomes more competitive, yields from ticket revenue have fallen and airlines are increasingly turning to ancillary revenue to supplement operating income.
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MHI Ships First PW1200G Engine From Japan-Based Assembly Line

By Bradley Perrett Nov 13, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Aero Engines has shipped the first Pratt & Whitney PW1200G from the plant that will act as a second assembly line of the engine, which powers the Mitsubishi Aircraft SpaceJet regional airliner.
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Korean Air Refreshes Fleet With New Deliveries

Adrian Schofield Nov 03, 2019
Korean Air is set to begin the next phase of its fleet renewal in 2020, which will allow the airline to fulfill its medium-term network plans and introduce new technology for passengers.
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Qantas Moving Closer Towards Project Sunrise Decision

Text by Guy Norris, Adrian Schofield and Jens Flottau Oct 28, 2019
Qantas completes the first trial flight of its proposed “Project Sunrise” ultra-long-haul services, but is yet to decide to officially launch such routes.
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New Centers Emerging In Southeast Asia’s MRO Industry

Original Text by Adrian Schofield Sep 22, 2019
MRO providers in Southeast Asia see opportunities to expand and establish joint venture facilities, with the encouragement of their governments.
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Boeing's Widebody Risk Growing With China Tensions

Guy Norris Sep 22, 2019
Boeing is warning that escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China, its largest single market, may soon threaten prospective aircraft sales, particularly those of the company’s lucrative twinjet 777 and 787 families.
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South Pacific Airlines Fleet Changes

Text by Adrian Schofield, Graphics by Cheryl Heng Aug 23, 2019
Pacific island airlines prepare for growth phase as new aircraft types allow them to extend their range and target new tourist sources.
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