Poll: Boeing’s plan to restore 737 production to 31/month by 2022 is …

Continuing its company-wide retrenchment in the face of ongoing market uncertainty, Boeing is sticking to its earlier announced plans to slash widebody production rates by 50% by 2021 while simultaneously hoping to gradually restore 737 production to 31 per month by the start of 2022.

The exact size and timing of the 737 rate increase will be dictated by the pace of the overall traffic recovery, and Boeing’s ability to remarket and reconfigure a large portion of the approximately 450 undelivered aircraft in storage, company executives said during an Oct. 28 third-quarter (Q3) earnings call.

An Aviation Week analysis found that about 60 of the stored aircraft are without customers due to cancellations and order-book reshuffling during the model’s 19-month grounding.

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