What Do You See For The Future Of India’s Aviation?

Credit: joepriesaviation.net

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What is your opinion regarding the future of the aviation industry in India?

Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker responds:  

India has long had huge potential, but it has notoriously anti-aviation regulations and practices. The nation imposes very high fees on airlines, has appalling infrastructure, and its many privatized airports charge huge fees. There’s no national aviation vision, so Air India is propped up by the government while private startups come and go in a very difficult environment. Ultimately, this should be one of the largest LCC markets, domestically and internationally, one that could rival China. But China has an aviation strategy; India does not.

Karen Walker

Karen Walker is Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief and Aviation Week Network Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief. She joined ATW in 2011 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW, Routes and Aviation Week Group air transport content.