Karen Walker

Karen Walker
Editor-In-Chief, Air Transport World

Karen Walker is ATW’s Editor-in-Chief. She had been covering the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. She has specialist knowledge in training, simulation, safety and aeropolitics.

Air New Zealand Orders Eight GE-Powered 787-10S 
Air New Zealand, in a widely anticipated decision, has selected the Boeing 787-10 for its widebody fleet upgrade.
Podcast: Airbus – Looking Ahead
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury and his management colleagues have taken over little over a month ago. Now, weeks before the Paris Air Show, the new leadership team has given first indications on strategy and priorities. What are the key takes? Aviation Week Network editors discuss.
Airbus: Incremental Improvements Address Mid-Size Market 
The Boeing 737 MAX grounding is not causing Airbus to make any change to its commercial strategy, Airbus’ chief salesman said May 21.
Airbus Sees Future Market For Larger A350 Variant 
Airbus anticipates that the market will eventually want a version of the A350XWB larger than the -1000 variant, company executives said May 21.
Boeing Sees Q1 MAX Impact; Suspends Revenue Forecasts 
Boeing has posted its 2019 first-quarter results, which indicate the initial financial impact of the two 737 MAX crashes and groundings, as well as acknowledging continued uncertainty about the full cost.
Why U.S. Majors Are Picking A Fight With Air Italy 
If the CEOs of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines get their way, U.S. Congress will hold yet another set of hearings this year on the seemingly never-ending quarrel over the U.S. Open Skies agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.
Atlas, FedEx, JetBlue CEOs Counter AA-DL-UAL Qatar Claims 
FedEx chairman and CEO Fred Smith has joined with the CEOs of Atlas Air Worldwide and JetBlue to strongly rebuke an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump from the CEOs of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines claiming that Qatar Airways’ stake in Air Italy breaches the U.S.-Qatar Open Skies agreement.
American Cancels MAX Operations Through Mid-August 
American Airlines has further extended its cancellations of Boeing 737 MAX 8 operations through Aug. 19, the airline announced Sunday.
European Small Carriers At Risk As Consolidation Grows 
Europe’s strong airlines will get stronger and the weak will get weaker as consolidation in the region continues and small carriers see pressure on yields intensifying.
Europe’s TUI Details Financial Impact Of MAX Grounding 
European leisure airline TUI Group, which had 15 Boeing 737 MAX-8s in its fleet of 150 aircraft when the aircraft was grounded, expects the cost impact to be about $200 million assuming the MAXs will remain out of service through June.
AirBaltic Network Expands As A220 Fleet Grows 
Riga-based carrier airBaltic is opening new routes on a scope and scale that would not have been possible without the Airbus A220-300, which is rapidly becoming the mainstay of its fleet.
Data Analytics Increasingly Driving Airlines’ Growth 
Airlines are increasingly becoming data analytics companies that want to use data for a deeper understanding of their markets.
U.S. Lawmakers Plan FAA Oversight Review In Wake Of MAX Grounding 
Refined satellite tracking data combined with some non-defined physical evidence from the wreckage of the Ethiopian Airlines crash site prompted Canada, and then the U.S., to ground the Boeing 737 MAX.
ANA Holdings Signs Stake In PAL; Eyes ASEAN Market Growth 
Executives at All Nippon Airways Holdings (ANA HD) and Philippine Airlines (PAL) began their new strategic partnership Friday after completing signing ceremonies in Tokyo.
2019 Airline Forecast: Profitable Trends Continue Despite Concerns 
The world’s airlines are expected to post a collective net profit of $32.3 billion in 2018, followed by a $35.5 billion net profit in 2019, which will mark the industry’s 10th consecutive profitable year. But maintaining that positive trend will be no breeze.
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