Ask the Editors

Ask the Editors: When Will You Blow The Whistle On SAF?

By Graham Warwick Mar 04, 2022

Production of SAF from many sources other than cooking oil is coming online.

Emerging Technologies

What Are The Electric-Propulsion Challenges In Commercial Aviation?

By Graham Warwick Apr 30, 2021

Ask the editors: Longer-haul electric aircraft will depend on better energy storage, higher power densities and greater efficiencies.


What Are The Electric-Propulsion Challenges In Commercial Aviation?

By Thierry Dubois Apr 30, 2021

Ask the editors: Longer-haul electric aircraft will depend on better energy storage, higher power densities and greater efficiencies.


Have COVID-19 Budget Cuts Negatively Impacted MRO Technician Training?

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 26, 2021

Ask the Editors: Despite pandemic budget challenges, MROs invested in technician-training technology to ensure regulatory compliance.

Workforce & Training

Will Airlines Require Pilots To Be Vaccinated For COVID-19?

By Karen Walker Apr 16, 2021

Ask the Editors: Flight crews favor vaccination, but requirements depend on airline policies and local laws, which are changing quickly.

Airlines & Lessors

What Will Happen In The Regional Jet Market?

By Jens Flottau Apr 12, 2021

Ask the Editors: Embraer’s monopoly in regional jets could last for years, but that position is not as great as it sounds.

Aircraft & Propulsion

How Are Insects Affecting Parked Aircraft Pitot Tubes?

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 05, 2021

Ask the Editors: Aftermarket providers inspect all probes and ports to ensure they are not contaminated by insects or foreign objects.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Could A Rewinged, Reengined 737 MAX Compete With The A321XLR?

By Guy Norris Mar 25, 2021

Ask the Editors: The 737’s baseline configuration has been remarkably resilient for decades, but it is unlikely to evolve beyond the -10.

Air Transport

Can Aviation Use Liquified Natural Gas To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint?

By Thierry Dubois Mar 19, 2021

Ask the editors: Is it worthwhile to change aviation’s fuel infrastructure? The answer might be the use of LNG as a transition to SAF.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Does Reduced Airline Capacity Give General Aviation And Business Jets More Opportunity?

By Molly McMillin Mar 16, 2021

Ask the Editors: Private aviation providers report a spike in inquiries and increased sales to former first-class airline passengers.

Safety, Ops & Regulation

Do Countries Plan To Reopen Borders As COVID-19 Vaccinations Progress?

By Jens Flottau Mar 09, 2021

Ask the Editors: Reopenings are expected to vary by region, as the distribution of vaccines and pace of vaccinations remains uneven.

Safety, Ops & Regulation

Is The U.S. Military Prepared For ADS-B Out Implementation?

By Bill Carey Mar 08, 2021

Ask the Editors: The military is gradually adapting to the FAA’s ADS-B requirements, though many of its aircraft are exempt from the new regulations.

Budget, Policy & Operations

Will Lessors Adjust Fleets Toward Narrowbodies And Regional Aircraft?

By Jens Flottau Mar 01, 2021

Ask the Editors: With demand for widebodies diminishing, lessors will abstain from placing new widebody orders for several years.

Airlines & Lessors

Are There Enough European Requirements For Two Sixth-Gen Fighters?

By Tony Osborne Feb 23, 2021

Ask the Editors: Exports will be critical for both the Tempest and FCAS programs.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Which Countries Beyond U.S. And Europe Will Mandate ADS-B Out?

By Bill Carey Feb 19, 2021

Ask the Editors: Mandates are in effect around the world, and the Single European Sky ATM Research Deployment Manager has mapped them.

Safety, Ops & Regulation

How Much Of The 737 MAX Grounding Can Be Attributed To COVID-19?

By Sean Broderick Feb 17, 2021

Ask The Editors: Regulators working on the 737 MAX were not buoyed by the pandemic, but COVID-19 was not a major factor on downtime.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Will Boeing 767 Stay In Service For 10 More Years?

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 15, 2021

Ask the editors: Aviation Week forecasts that the vast majority of Boeing 767 aircraft in the fleet now will still be operating in 2030.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Will U.S. Army Missile Buys Mean Fewer U.S. Air Force Bombers?

By Steve Trimble Feb 05, 2021

Ask the Editors: Warfare has changed over the decades, so what worked in previous conflicts may no longer be the way to go.

Missile Defense & Weapons

What Will The Aircraft Leasing Market Look Like When Growth Returns?

By Jens Flottau Feb 01, 2021

Ask the editors: The share of leased versus owned aircaft is rising, causing carriers to change course—a trend that may stay for a while.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Why Was The U.S. Air Force B-21 First Flight Delayed?

By Steve Trimble Jan 25, 2021

Ask the Editors: USAF pushed the Northrop Grumman B-21 bomber’s first flight from December 2021 to mid-2022. What does that mean?

Budget, Policy & Operations

Will Supersonic Business Jet Development Survive The Travel Slump?

By Molly McMillin Jan 20, 2021

Ask the editors: Despite the pandemic-related travel dip, demand for speed continues to propel development of supersonic business jets.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Why Wasn’t Michele Flournoy Chosen As Next U.S. Defense Secretary?

By Jen DiMascio Jan 15, 2021

Ask the Editors: Joe Biden’s choice to name recently retired General Lloyd Austin as defense secretary seems both political and personal.

Budget, Policy & Operations

What Will Happen In The Western Military Transport Market?

By Steve Trimble Jan 13, 2021

Ask the editors: The C-5 and C-17 may seem dated and the A400M is small, but these aircraft still fulfill the needs of military missions.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Will Airbus And Boeing Adjust Aircraft Pricing To Stimulate Demand?

By Jens Flottau Jan 11, 2021

Ask the Editors: In theory, high production levels in times of low demand lead to low pricing. But the reality may prove more nuanced.

Aircraft & Propulsion

Do Emissions Goals Make Hydrogen The Only Choice For New Aircraft?

By Thierry Dubois Jan 05, 2021

Ask the Editors: Progress on the production and liquefaction infrastructures for hydrogen could mean big things for aviation.

Emerging Technologies