Driving Innovation Through Digitalization

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One area where innovation is truly taking off is electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This innovation podcast series will focus on eVTOLs from a number of different design domains and disciplines.
Program Management

Lilium Unveils SPAC Deal, Seven-Seat eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Mar 30, 2021
German regional air mobility startup Lilium is to go public in a deal expected to provide up to $830 million in funds to complete certification, begin production and launch commercial operation of its piloted seven-seat Lilium Jet air taxi in 2024.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Launches Superconductivity Demonstration Program

By Thierry Dubois Mar 29, 2021
Airbus has launched an ambitious demonstration program for the use of superconducting technology aboard aircraft, aiming at a major improvement in the efficiency of electric propulsion.
Program Management

Aerion Unveils AS3 Mach 4-Plus Airliner Concept

By Guy Norris Mar 29, 2021
Supersonic business jet developer Aerion has released the first image of a planned follow-on airliner concept designed for entry-into-service around the end of the decade which will cruise at higher Mach cruise numbers closer to the hypersonic region.
Aircraft & Propulsion

As Engine Selection Nears, F-15EX Market Heats Up

By Steve Trimble Mar 29, 2021
One of the bidders in the F-15EX propulsion competition thinks the U.S. Air Force’s plan to buy 144 aircraft is only the beginning.
Program Management

ABL Space Systems Lands $170M To Become 'Unicorn' Rocket Company

Mar 26, 2021
Los Angeles-area rocket startup ABL Space Systems has closed a Series B investment round of $170 million, with the infusion going toward developing the 1,000-kg class RS1 launch vehicle and GS0 deployable launch system that should see its first launch this year.
Commercial Space

Propulsion Providers Hop On Accelerating Hybrid Power Train

By Guy Norris Mar 26, 2021
Traditional engine-makers and startups position for emerging hybrid-electric power market.

Sustainability, ESG: Even Merchants Of Death Want A Better Reputation

By Michael Bruno Mar 23, 2021
Sustainability and environmental, social and governance investing are set to remake the A&D industry from the inside out.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Airbus And Dassault Seek Urgent FCAS Agreement

By Thierry Dubois Mar 22, 2021
Airbus and Dassault try to reconcile views in thorny FCAS negotiations as a political deadline nears.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: Nanoracks’ CEO on Commercializing Space

By Jen DiMascio Mar 19, 2021
Listen in as Nanoracks CEO Jeff Manber predicts that by the end of the year, private space companies will have more discretionary money to spend than the U.S. federal government.
Program Management

U.S. Space Force Juggles Changes To Missile Warning Portfolio

By Lee Hudson Mar 19, 2021
The Pentagon is diversifying the U.S. early missile warning portfolio with a mix of satellite types and sizes in different orbits to prevent unwanted missile attacks.
Program Management

2021 Program Excellence Award Nominees

Mar 18, 2021
With more than 75 first-round nominations, the 2021 Program Excellence Awards now has a list of 45 programs that will move on to Phase II.
Program Management

VerdeGo Powers Path Toward Hybrid Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Mar 18, 2021
VerdeGo launches first product in bid to become the hybrid-electric propulsion supplier for a wide range of aircraft applications.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Recent Engine Failures Test Regulators And Manufacturers

By Sean Broderick Mar 18, 2021
Regulations have proven effective, while manufacturers’ processes are evolving.

Spike Takes A Different Path To Supersonic Renaissance

By Graham Warwick Mar 17, 2021
Startup Spike outlines its approach to quiet supersonic air travel as it begins fundraising drive.

Decades-Old Concept Makes Comeback for Space Radars

By Steve Trimble Mar 17, 2021
After a series of cancelled programs over a decade ago, U.S. military officials make a new push for tracking moving targets from space.

Boeing And Embraer Serious About New Conventional Aircraft Soon

By Jens Flottau Mar 17, 2021
Are Boeing and Embraer betting on the right concepts for new aircraft in the near term?

Technology Infusion Expanding Market Opportunities For Vertical Flight

By Graham Warwick Mar 15, 2021
Speed, electrification and autonomy are among technologies unlocking the potential for VTOL to perform a wider range of missions.

Perseverance Robot Arm Maker Developing Lunar Version

By Mark Carreau Mar 12, 2021
After working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop a robot arm for the Perseverance Mars 2020 rover, Motiv Space Systems is developing durable, multi-jointed limb also capable of functioning at the Moon’s south pole during long periods of darkness and extreme cold.

ARPA-E’s CABLES Funds Research To Enable Electric Twin-Aisles

By Graham Warwick Mar 12, 2021
To electrify future large commercial aircraft will require new wiring systems that can distribute tens of megawatts of power at thousands of volts safely and reliably at high altitudes.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus, Stratasys Amp Up Additive Efforts

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 09, 2021
Through a new contract extension with Stratasys, Airbus will pursue 3D printing of components for MRO applications and new aircraft types.
Emerging Technologies

MQ-Next Offers Path To Counter-Air Role For MQ-9 Replacement

By Steve Trimble Mar 08, 2021
Destroying enemy fighters has emerged as the initial focus of the U.S. Air Force's nearly year-old MQ-Next program, which seeks to field a replacement for the MQ-9 by the end of the decade.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Boom Supersonic Gets Backing From American Express Ventures

By Guy Norris Mar 05, 2021
Boom Supersonic has secured a strategic investment from the venture capital arm of American Express which will support development of the Denver, Colorado-based aerospace company’s Mach 2-plus 88-seat Overture airliner project.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Pratt & Whitney Makes Hypersonic Revival As Pentagon Pushes Reuse

By Guy Norris Mar 05, 2021
A secret program inside GatorWorks seeks to deliver a high-speed, reusable propulsion system.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Rocket Lab Launches Into Top Tier With New Rocket, Public Stock

By Irene Klotz Mar 05, 2021
A wave of space startups suddenly going public in SPAC deals is revving up an already excited sector. But one of them is ahead of others and is about to take another giant leap.
Commercial Space