Will OEM Vertical Integration Die Off Or Expand After COVID-19?
What now in the post-pandemic world?  During several recent trade shows, webinars and Aviation Week interviews, advisors and analysts have shed light on where they think industry giants are going next and why.
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Vertical Integration

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Commercial Tiltrotor Passes Milestones, But Certification Awaits
The slow pace of Leonardo’s AW609 program has not benefited from the global pandemic.
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The Week In Technology, May 3-7, 2021
ZeroAvia testbed crash; Lufthansa deploys riblets; MightyFly’s autonomous logistics; Wingcopter’s triple drop; Hydrogen startup funding.
arturo.mora@av… Tue, 05/04/2021 - 08:00
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Concerns Over China Overshadow Boeing’s 737, 787 Progress

By Sean Broderick Apr 30, 2021
Internal production headwinds slow but still persist.
Aircraft & Propulsion
The Week In Defense, April 30-May 6, 2021
Finland fighter bids submitted; Air Force One’s costs rise; Pentagon’s R&D nominee; and Top Aces win renewal.
jack.freifelde… Fri, 04/30/2021 - 08:00
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Senior Connecticut Assets Change Hands Twice In Month

By Michael Bruno Apr 29, 2021
Last month, PCX Aerosystems announced it was buying nearby Senior Aerospace Connecticut. This month, Greenbriar Equity Group announced it will buy PCX from RFE Investment Partners.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Airbus Prepares Single-Aisle Ramp-Up Despite ‘Lack Of Predictability’

By Jens Flottau Apr 29, 2021
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury warned April 29 that there is a “lack of predictability” as to the expected recovery of the industry as trends have diverged in different regions, even though the company posted relatively good results for the first quarter.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Raytheon Tech Earnings Beat Back Depressed Aerospace Results

By Michael Bruno Apr 27, 2021
Depressed commercial aerospace returns still could not dampen earnings or sentiments at Raytheon Technologies after the company April 27 reported its mildly better-than-expected financial results for the first quarter of 2021.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Report Warns Tankering Fuel Could Undermine EU’s SAF Mandate

By Graham Warwick Apr 27, 2021
A common practice used by airlines to reduce fuel costs could undermine the objectives of a planned EU mandate to blend sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with fossil jet fuel starting in 2025, an environmental organization has warned.

Can Dave Calhoun Make Boeing Great Again? It Is Up To Him

By Michael Bruno Apr 27, 2021
Recent moves by Boeing’s board collectively guarantee the corner office overlooking the Chicago River is Calhoun’s to lose.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Opinion: Can Bombardier Go It Alone In Business Aviation?

By Kevin Michaels Apr 26, 2021
The Global 7500 looks promising, but a merger or acquisition of the storied Canadian aircraft builder cannot be ruled out.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus’ Move To Reintegrate, Centralize May Have Far-Reaching Effects

By Jens Flottau Apr 26, 2021
Airbus’ aerostructures production is a core part of its setup—a chance to take more work in-house—but pressure on suppliers is mounting.
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Week In Defense, April 22-29, 2021

By Jen DiMascio Apr 22, 2021
General warns of Chinese space prototype; U.S. Army wants FVL upgrades; Singapore’s new operational tanker; and T-7 aft fuselage arrives.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Europe’s Launcher Reusability Drive Weakens Ariane 6 Program

By Thierry Dubois Apr 21, 2021
While Ariane 6 is overcoming the last technical hurdles, reusability demonstration programs are making progress.

Nikon Takes Over 3D-Printing Startup Morf3D

By Michael Bruno Apr 20, 2021
Morf3D, an additive manufacturing startup that once was the darling of Boeing new-investment efforts, has a new 90,000-sq.-ft. headquarters in Long Beach, California, and is now controlled by Japanese camera giant Nikon.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Daily Memo: Digital Divide Grows In Aero Manufacturing

By Michael Bruno Apr 19, 2021
Spirit AeroSystems is now making several changes it had wanted to make eventually in a much quicker fashion—potentially turning its labor-intensive, 20th-century style factories into modern marvels of digitally driven lean manufacturing efficiency.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Spirit AeroSystems Grows Lean, Digital To Prepare For Airline Recovery

By Michael Bruno Apr 19, 2021
Long-sought changes have the potential to turn Spirit’s 20th-century-style factories into marvels of digitally driven lean manufacturing.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Lockheed Shows Some New Space Mojo With Block Buy From Startup ABL

By Irene Klotz Apr 15, 2021
Startup ABL’s launcher is well-sized for Lockheed’s new satellite bus.
Commercial Space

Convergence Of Challenges To Strain French Supply Chain Further

By Thierry Dubois Apr 15, 2021
With the end of government support in the offing, French lobbying group GIFAS frets about a transition period for small suppliers.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Daily Memo: French Aerospace Industry Facing Three-Pronged Challenge

By Thierry Dubois Apr 14, 2021
The exemplary support the French government has provided to the country’s aerospace industry has proved effective damage control. 
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Airbus’ High-Speed Rotary-Wing Racer Takes Shape

By Tony Osborne Apr 14, 2021
Racer’s development has involved industry and academia from across Europe.
Aircraft & Propulsion
Opinion: The Latest Challenge For Defense Primes
The “fleet” of defense competitors has been growing in recent years, and new entrants may have different tactics, resources and goals.
ARTURO.MORA@IN… Wed, 04/14/2021 - 03:00
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Prime Competition

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Airbus Studies Potential For A350 And A380 Freighters

By Guy Norris Apr 13, 2021
With cargo demand rising since the beginning of the pandemic, Airbus sounds out the potential for A350 and A380 freighter versions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

South Korea Sets Sights On Exports With KF-21 Rollout

By Tony Osborne Apr 13, 2021
KF-21 fighter development will strengthen economy and national defense, says South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in.
Aircraft & Propulsion

What Will Happen In The Regional Jet Market?

By Jens Flottau Apr 12, 2021
Ask the Editors: Embraer’s monopoly in regional jets could last for years, but that position is not as great as it sounds.
Aircraft & Propulsion