Crossover Jet Growth Strengthened By Support Programs

By Bernie Baldwin Apr 20, 2021
It’s many a year now since engineering products were simply manufactured and sold, sometimes with a guarantee. Nowadays however, make a sale of such…
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

Chinese Airlines Resume Growth After Peak Season Setback

By Adrian Schofield Apr 20, 2021
China’s domestic capacity has surged back after a COVID-19 spike put the brakes on the country’s busiest travel period.
Airlines & Lessors

Daily Memo: Digital Divide Grows In Aero Manufacturing

By Michael Bruno Apr 19, 2021
Spirit AeroSystems is now making several changes it had wanted to make eventually in a much quicker fashion—potentially turning its labor-intensive, 20th-century style factories into modern marvels of digitally driven lean manufacturing efficiency.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Europe Moves To Better Understand Supersonic Aircraft Impacts

By Graham Warwick Apr 19, 2021
Europe Moves To Better Understand Supersonic Aircraft Impacts Graham Warwick, Europe has launched a research program to develop a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of future supersonic aircraft and provide input into international efforts to develop certification standards for noise and emissions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Ex-Boeing Commercial Services Leader, PE Investors Team for New Lessor

By Michael Bruno Apr 19, 2021
The former finance chief at Boeing Commercial Services has teamed with a well-known private equity firm in aerospace and defense to launch Aquila Air Capital, a new commercial aircraft, engine and equipment lessor, to capitalize on the historic disruption in commercial aviation.
Aircraft & Propulsion
Spirit AeroSystems Grows Lean, Digital To Prepare For Airline Recovery
Long-sought changes have the potential to turn Spirit’s 20th-century-style factories into marvels of digitally driven lean manufacturing.
ARTURO.MORA@IN… Mon, 04/19/2021 - 08:00
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FAA Broadens Boeing 787 Cargo Compartment Check Applicability

By Sean Broderick Apr 16, 2021
The FAA is expanding a cargo-compartment inspection mandate to all Boeing 787s after determining the affected parts—decompression panels—may be found throughout the widebody twin fleet and not just on a limited number of aircraft.  
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Latest 737 MAX Electrical Issues Affect Three Flight Deck Areas

By Sean Broderick Apr 16, 2021
Electrical grounding issues that led Boeing to recommend some 737 MAX operators park their aircraft have turned up in two areas besides the original standby power control unit where it was first discovered.
Aircraft & Propulsion
New 737 MAX Issue Tests Boeing’s Resolve
Repairs to in-service, stored aircraft likely.
ARTURO.MORA@IN… Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:00
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Grounding Issues

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Fourth AW609 Tiltrotor Transferred To Italy From U.S. For Final Test
Leonardo has shipped the fourth prototype AW609 commercial tiltrotor to Italy from the U.S. for final tests ahead of the aircraft’s civil certification.
michael.stearn… Thu, 04/15/2021 - 22:11
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Inspections Find More Electrical-Grounding Issues On Boeing 737 MAXs

By Sean Broderick Apr 15, 2021
One week into a de facto partial fleet grounding, Boeing continues to evaluate the scale and needed steps to correct 737 MAX electrical system problems—an issue that extends beyond the area originally flagged by the manufacturer.
Safety, Ops & Regulation
SkyNRG Plans U.S. SAF Production With Alaska Airlines Agreement
SkyNRG is to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facilities in the U.S. and has signed an MOU with Alaska Airlines to increase investment in low-carbon fuels.
natalia.pelayo… Thu, 04/15/2021 - 20:54
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Sasol Bids To Produce SAF In South Africa

By Graham Warwick Apr 15, 2021
South Africa’s Sasol has been producing synthetic jet fuel from coal and natural gas for decades. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Xwing Flies Autonomous Caravan Gate-To-Gate

By Graham Warwick Apr 15, 2021
Startup Xwing has completed the first autonomous gate-to-gate demonstration with a commercial cargo aircraft. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: Boeing’s Latest 737 MAX Headache

Apr 15, 2021
Power unit glitch forces new MAX groundings and adds to quality control woes. But is it a storm in a teacup? Listen in as Aviation Week’s editors analyze Boeing’s latest challenge.
Air Transport

Boeing Sold 62 Already Built 737s In March

By Sean Broderick Apr 14, 2021
Boeing’s March order-book tally of 185 737 MAXs included sales of 62 already-constructed aircraft, helping the manufacturer ensure that its planned narrowbody production-rate ramp-up will not contribute to a glut of unsold units. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: French Aerospace Industry Facing Three-Pronged Challenge

By Thierry Dubois Apr 14, 2021
The exemplary support the French government has provided to the country’s aerospace industry has proved effective damage control. 
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Airbus’ High-Speed Rotary-Wing Racer Takes Shape

By Tony Osborne Apr 14, 2021
Racer’s development has involved industry and academia from across Europe.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Southwest Orders More MAXs While U.S. Majors Retrench

By Ben Goldstein Apr 14, 2021
Analysts say a return to pre-crisis levels of aircraft demand remains far off.
Airlines & Lessors

Boeing’s March Deliveries Dominated By Stored 737 MAXs

By Sean Broderick Apr 13, 2021
Boeing’s March deliveries included 19 737 MAXs, pushing the first-quarter total to 58 and keeping the manufacturer largely on track to meeting its…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Bell Proposes 525 For Upcoming German Police Requirement

By Tony Osborne Apr 13, 2021
Bell has created a team of potential suppliers in Germany as it offers its Model 525 helicopter as a platform for the Bundespolizei.

United Airlines Unveils Collective SAF Purchase Plan

By Lori Ranson Apr 13, 2021
United Airlines has launched a new endeavor with nearly a dozen other corporations to collectively purchase roughly 3.4 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) this year.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Studies Potential For A350 And A380 Freighters

By Guy Norris Apr 13, 2021
With cargo demand rising since the beginning of the pandemic, Airbus sounds out the potential for A350 and A380 freighter versions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Makes Sweeping Changes To Executive Board

By Jens Flottau Apr 12, 2021
Airbus is making several changes to its executive board following the departure of Airbus CEO of defense and space Dirk Hoke and chief technology officer Grazia Vittadini. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Biden Budget Makes Tackling Climate Change A Priority

By Graham Warwick Apr 12, 2021
President Joe Biden is proposing a DARPA-like organization to conduct high-risk, high-payoff advanced research into climate resilience.
Air Transport