Cybersleuths Pinpoint Cockpit Vulnerabilities

By Angus Batey Jul 11, 2022
Pilots’ electronic flight bags are vulnerable to cyberattack, company finds.

Opinion: LEO Satellites Poised To Transform BizJet In-Flight Connectivity

Jessie Naor Jul 08, 2022
Video conferencing over water may soon be a reality in business aircraft.

OneWeb Demos 5G Links Between LEO, GEO Sats And Ground Terminal

By Garrett Reim Jun 30, 2022
OneWeb, in partnership with the European Space Agency and UK Space Agency, says it demonstrated a 5G link between low Earth orbit satellites, a geostationary satellite and a mobile ground terminal on June 28.
Commercial Space

FAA Approves Viasat Ka-band System On Falcon 7X/8X

By Bill Carey Jun 20, 2022
The FAA has approved the installation of Viasat’s Ka-band satellite connectivity system on Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X trijets, Viasat and Dassault Aircraft Services announced June 20.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Wireless Companies Agree To Extend 5G Limitations

By Bill Carey Jun 17, 2022
Wireless companies have agreed to keep in place some limitations of their 5G network deployments for a further year to give airlines more time to replace or protect radio altimeters from potential interference, the FAA announced June 17.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Intelsat Global Connectivity Solutions For Commercial Airlines

Sponsored by Intelsat Jun 15, 2022
Deliver best-in-class inflight experiences through powerful, integrated onboard systems, aero networks, and support.

Operational Support For Commercial Airlines

Sponsored by Intelsat Jun 15, 2022
Providing support every step of the way for your Intelsat-equipped fleet and your passengers.

Intelsat Partners With Air France - KLM

Sponsored by Intelsat Jun 15, 2022
Intelsat and Air France-KLM partnered in 2016 to equip aircraft with 2Ku connectivity and IFE, and it continues today with a growing number of aircraft being equipped with Intelsat technology.

Reimagine The Inflight Connectivity Experience

Sponsored by Intelsat Jun 15, 2022
With the power and performance of the Intelsat network, airlines can expect a consistent experience across their entire fleet of aircraft for every passenger, crew member, and application.

Inflight Passenger Experience With Intelsat

Sponsored by Intelsat Jun 15, 2022
Intelsat’s comprehensive connectivity and entertainment services allow you to configure an experience built specifically for your passengers. Unleash new possibilities with Intelsat inflight internet.

Intelsat Aims To Meet Demand For Connectivity

By Alan Dron Jun 14, 2022
The inflight connectivity (IFC) industry’s greatest challenge is facing “insatiable demand” for capacity and currently limited ability to grow, one of the sector’s leaders said at AIX in Hamburg June 14.

Airlines’ Investments In Connectivity Failing To Impress Passengers

By Alan Dron Jun 13, 2022
Airline passengers’ perception of the quality of inflight connectivity (IFC) is so poor that seven out of 10 travelers have never even bothered trying to access it.

Southwest Plans Cabin Connectivity Upgrades

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 08, 2022
Southwest has signed an agreement with Astronics Corporation to install in-seat power systems in its Boeing 737-7 and -8 aircraft.

Inmarsat Unveils Major Upgrade Of Ka-Band Network

By Bill Carey Jun 02, 2022
Satellite communications (satcom) provider Inmarsat says it will upgrade its Jet ConneX (JX) service for business aviation to vastly increase inflight download speeds.

Wamos Air To Install Moment IFE On Its Fleet

By Alan Dron Jun 02, 2022
Spanish carrier Wamos Air plans to start to fit W-IFE supplier Moment’s Flymingo Box on its aircraft.
Interiors & Connectivity

Inflight Broadband Demand In Asia On The Rise, Satellite Operator Says

By Chen Chuanren Feb 21, 2022
Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region are recognizing a changing need among their passengers for inflight data connectivity, according to a provider of satellite broadband to carriers.