Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Chief Engineer Dies In SR22 Crash

By Molly McMillin Mar 08, 2023
The aircraft had taken off from the Duluth International Airport before it went down, reports say. 
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Monthly Program Profile: Cirrus Vision Jet

Jun 04, 2021
This month’s program profile highlights the Cirrus Vision Jet.
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FAA OKs Garmin Autoland For Cirrus Vision Jet

By William Garvey Sep 16, 2020
Garmin’s autoland system for the Cirrus Vision Jet receives FAA certification.
Business Aviation

Cirrus Offers New VisionAir Program For Vision Jet Owners

By Molly McMillin Aug 03, 2020
Cirrus Aircraft has launched VisionAir, a comprehensive ownership program to aid new owners of the $2.85 million Cirrus Vision Jet, a single-engine personal jet. 
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Cirrus Passes 200 Vision Jet Deliveries, Emergency Autoland Upgrades

By William Garvey Jun 18, 2020
The first “personal” jet’s popularity is soaring on a single engine.
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Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets Return To Service Following Grounding

By Molly McMillin Feb 20, 2020
The fleet of Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets has largely returned to service following grounding of the global fleet by the FAA after a cabin fire on an SF50 during ground operations damaged the aircraft, Cirrus reports.
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Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Operators Survey

By Fred George Dec 18, 2019
More than 140 Cirrus Vision Jets have been delivered since the model entered service in late 2016. Another 30+ aircraft are in various stages of…
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Vision Jet Prompts FAA To Propose Change For ATP Certificates

By William Garvey Feb 22, 2019
The introduction of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet has prompted the FAA to propose a change in regulations for obtaining an initial transport pilot certificate.
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Vision Jet 2.0: Cirrus Makes It Fly Higher, Farther And Quieter

By Fred George Jan 28, 2019
The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet only has been in production for 15 months and the planemaker already is announcing a Generation 2 version.
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Cirrus Certifies G2, Next Generation Of Vision Jet

By Molly McMillin Jan 08, 2019
Cirrus Aircraft has launched a new version of its single-engine Vision Jet called the Generation 2 Vision Jet, or G2.
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Cirrus Vision Jet Prompts Change In ATP Requirements

By Molly McMillin Jan 02, 2019
The introduction of the SF50 Cirrus Vision Jet, a single-engine jet, has prompted FAA to propose a change in regulations associated with obtaining an initial transport pilot (ATP) certificate.
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Cirrus Aircraft To Receive Collier Trophy For Vision Jet

By William Garvey Apr 20, 2018
The National Aeronautic Association has selected Cirrus Aircraft to receive the 2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy for designing, certifying and entering-into-service the Vision Jet.
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Pilot Report: Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

By Fred George Jan 04, 2018
Modest performance and price, coupled with spacious cabin and safety features, make the Vision Jet popular with owners of Cirrus piston-powered aircraft trading up.
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Cirrus SF50: Personal Jet Sets High Standards

By Fred George Oct 23, 2017
Pilots and passengers of Cirrus SR20/SR22 single-engine aircraft are going to feel right at home when they belt into the 5-7-seat Cirrus Vision Jet.
Business Aviation

Graphs: Cirrus Vision Jet Performance

By Fred George Oct 23, 2017
These graphs are designed to illustrate the performance of Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet under a variety of range, payload, speed and density altitude conditions.
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Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Specifications

By Fred George Oct 23, 2017
Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet specifications
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Cirrus Reports More Than 600 Orders For Vision Jet

By William Garvey Aug 21, 2017
Cirrus Aircraft reports deposits in hand for more than 600 of its Vision Jet single-engine aircraft, representing five years of production.
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Cirrus: A Vision Jet a Week

By Molly McMillin May 22, 2017
Cirrus Aircraft was awarded the FAA’s production certificate for its SF50 Vision Jet on May 2, and will begin producing the single-engine, single-pilot personal jets at one per week.

Cirrus Vision Jet Is Certified

By William Garvey Nov 25, 2016
The FAA officially awarded Cirrus Aircraft its type certificate for the $1.96 million, 300-kt. single-engine turbofan SF50 Vision Jet at the National Business Aviation Association annual convention. The approval comes after an intensive four-year development program. The Vision Jet is powered by a 1,840-lb.-thrust Williams International FJ33-5A, and features a Perspective Touch flight deck powered by Garmin G3000 avionics.
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Vision Jet SF50 Certification Imminent

By William Garvey Aug 23, 2016
Cirrus Aircraft reports FAA certification of its new Vision Jet SF50 single-engine jet is imminent.
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Cirrus Vision Jet Nears Certification

By Molly McMillin Jul 25, 2016
FAA certification for Cirrus Aircraft’s new Vision Jet SF50 is imminent, the company said July 24 at a Cirrus customer event at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.
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