The introduction of the single-engine Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet has prompted the FAA to propose a change in regulations associated with obtaining an initial transport pilot (ATP) certificate.

A proposed rule would remove what the FAA calls an “unnecessary multiengine training requirement” for pilots seeking an initial ATP concurrently with a single-engine airplane type rating. Current regs require pilots to complete training in an FAA-approved course that includes ground and flight simulator training in a device that represents a multiengine aircraft.

“Because of the way the regulations are written, the requirement for training in a multiengine airplane has the unintended effect of applying to a pilot seeking a type rating for a single-engine airplane concurrently with an ATP certificate,” the FAA said in an NPRM published in the Federal Register. “When the training requirement became effective in 2014, there were no single-engine airplanes that required the pilot to obtain a type rating prior to serving as pilot in command.”

However, the certification of the Vision Jet in 2016 changed that.

The proposed revision does not impact pilots of multiengine aircraft. The FAA argues that safety would not be reduced because a pilot would still be required to obtain training and testing appropriate to a single-engine type rating.