Focus On Citation Sovereign: Large Cabin, Near Transcontinental Range

By Fred George Jan 28, 2019
The Cessna Citation Sovereign has earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability, plus it has the largest cabin of any midsize jet of its vintage.
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Citation Sovereign: Largest Cabin, Best Runway Performance In Class

By Fred George Sep 22, 2017
Citation Sovereign is considered one of the best buys in the used aircraft market.
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FAA Awards STC For Citation Sovereign Transitional Winglets

By William Garvey Sep 22, 2017
FAA has awarded Winglet Technology an STC for transitional winglets on the Citation Sovereign as the culmination of a development and certification project that began in July 2013.
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Pilot Report: Citation Sovereign+

By Fred George Oct 01, 2014
Textron Aviation is betting that its much-improved, 3,000-nm range Cessna Citation Sovereign+ will offer the quickest point-to-point trips for six passengers on many business missions.
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Citation Sovereign

By Fred George Sep 01, 2013
One of the most capable Citations yet built.
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Cessna Plans New Citation Sovereign Launch Sometime Next Year

Kerry Lynch Oct 31, 2012
Cessna Aircraft next year hopes to bring to market a new Citation Sovereign that incorporates many of the same upgrades found on the Citation Ten, now called the X, along with improved range and performance.
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Cessna Delivers Three Citation Sovereigns to China’s Flight Inspection Center

James E. Swickard Feb 01, 2011
Cessna Aircraft Co. delivered three Citation Sovereign business jets to the Flight Inspection Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, responsible for inspecting navigation, radar, communication and navaid systems as well as proving flight procedures in all civil airports and airways on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong and Macau. The Citations will be used to calibrate navaid systems serving China’s rapidly growing network of airports. The aircraft have been certified to operate from airports of up to 15,000 ft.
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Pilot Report: Flying the Citation Sovereign

Edward H. Phillips (Wichita, Kan.) Oct 11, 2004
The Model 680 Citation Sovereign's combination of performance, comfort and price sets a new mark for value and raises the stakes in the crowded, mid-size business jet market.
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