Podcast: Interview with Inspiration4's Commander Jared Isaacman

By Irene Klotz Sep 23, 2021
The billionaire commander of the three-day mission to space talks about his experience and the importance of humans continuing to explore the heavens.
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Podcast: Interview with ULA’s Tory Bruno

By Jen DiMascio Jun 24, 2021
Listen in as the president and CEO of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) discusses the company’s upcoming first launch of the new Vulcan rocket, the impact of the Space Force and the future of space transportation.
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Podcast: Flight on Mars—An Interview with Smithsonian’s Ellen Stofan

By Jen DiMascio Apr 19, 2021
After a successful first flight of the Ingenuity on Mars, Ellen Stofan, under secretary for science and research at the Smithsonian Institution, talks with Aviation Week editors about the historic nature of the mission, coming 117 years after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
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Podcast: Nanoracks’ CEO on Commercializing Space

By Jen DiMascio Mar 19, 2021
Listen in as Nanoracks CEO Jeff Manber predicts that by the end of the year, private space companies will have more discretionary money to spend than the U.S. federal government.
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Podcast: Interview with U.S. Space Force Chief

By Jen DiMascio Dec 14, 2020
Gen. John Raymond, the chief of space operations, looks back at the first year of operations for the U.S. Space Force and ahead at what is to come…
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Podcast: How Chang’e 5 Fits into China’s Space Program

By Jen DiMascio Dec 03, 2020
The latest mission to return a sample from the lunar surface is part of China’s internally focused effort to put humans on the Moon.
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Podcast: Interview With Space Development Agency Director

By Jen DiMascio Nov 10, 2020
SDA director Derek Tournear joins Aviation Week editors on Check 6 to discuss how its system of space tracking and transport satellites will revolutionize the U.S. military and the challenges it will face along the way.
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Podcast: Inside the U.S. Return to Launching Humans to Space

By Jen DiMascio Aug 07, 2020
This week, NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benhken splashed down in their SpaceX Dragon capsule in the Gulf of Mexico after two months at the…
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Podcast: Interview with Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck

By Irene Klotz Jul 17, 2020
The founder of the small-launch company discusses a recent failure of the Electron rocket launch, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and Rocket Lab’s evolution from manufacturing rockets to building spacecraft.
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