Letters From Our Readers, March 13, 2023

Mar 10, 2023
Readers write about the Boeing 747, airline operations snafus, vertical flight on Mars and the Mitsubishi SpaceJet.
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SpaceJet Axe Leaves Mitsubishi With CRJ Support

By Alex Derber Feb 13, 2023
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries outlined its intentions to focus on MRO support in 2020.
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Daily Memo: Mitsubishi’s SpaceJet Decision Ends Japanese Civil OEM Ambitions

By Jens Flottau Feb 07, 2023
The loss to Japanese industry and government is more than just the $7 billion funneled into the ill-fated SpaceJet program.
Aircraft & Propulsion

MHI Confirms End Of SpaceJet Regional Airliner Program

By Chen Chuanren Feb 07, 2023
Mitsubishi Heavy attributed the failure of the SpaceJet to an insufficient initial understanding of the highly complex certification process for airliners.
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MHI Ends SpaceJet Regional Aircraft Venture

By Guy Norris Feb 06, 2023
The move, if confirmed, comes as little surprise following Mitsubishi’s late 2020 decision to freeze work on the loss-making program.
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MHI Aerospace Back In Profit After Suspending SpaceJet Program 

By Chen Chuanren Aug 05, 2021
The suspension of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) SpaceJet regional jet program helped the company’s aerospace division return to profit in the first quarter of fiscal 2021.
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Some SpaceJet Employees Will Move To Defense Work, Mitsubishi Says

By Bradley Perrett Nov 03, 2020
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) wants to move some employees from its suspended SpaceJet program to defense activities, as part of a wider intention to apply skills from the civil aeronautics business to the rest of the group.
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Suspends SpaceJet Development

By Bradley Perrett Oct 30, 2020
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has suspended development of the SpaceJet for more than three years.
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Mitsubishi Aircraft Reviews SpaceJet Flight-Test Data

By Bradley Perrett Aug 24, 2020
The Mitsubishi Aircraft SpaceJet regional jet program is focusing on reviewing flight-test data to prepare for an eventual return to flight. Planned…
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Mitsubishi Aircraft Prioritizing SpaceJet M90 Certification

By Bradley Perrett Jun 15, 2020
Mitsubishi Aircraft confirmed its commitment to achieving certification for the first SpaceJet version but indicated no immediate return to flight testing.
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Podcast: Why Did Mitsubishi Furlough the SpaceJet?

Jun 11, 2020
The drive to develop Japan’s first commercial aircraft since 1974 hits another stumbling block as flight tests are halted and production is shut down. Aviation Week editors discuss whether the regional jet program will survive—and whether its troubles will benefit Embraer.
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All SpaceJet Flying Suspended, Production Winding Down To Zero

By Bradley Perrett Jun 04, 2020
Judging the outlook for the Mitsubishi Aircraft SpaceJet program is not easy, not least because the company itself is unsure of what it will do.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mitsubishi Halts All SpaceJet Flying, Production Winding Down To Zero

By Bradley Perrett Jun 02, 2020
The company said it must first meet cost targets and then work out a plan to get a type certificate. Only after the regional jet is declared airworthy will the resumption of manufacturing be considered.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mitsubishi Mothballs Moses Lake SpaceJet Test Center

By Bradley Perrett May 25, 2020
Mitsubishi Aircraft is mothballing its SpaceJet flight testing operation in the U.S., consolidating operations in Nagoya, Japan, and closing all offices elsewhere, a spokesperson for the company said.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Drops SpaceJet M100 Version

By Bradley Perrett May 12, 2020
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has suspended development of the M100 version of the SpaceJet regional jet as one measure in stanching the cash bleed from the program.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mitsubishi SpaceJet Prototype Flying In Japan As U.S. Test Base Shutters

By Bradley Perrett Apr 14, 2020
Mitsubishi Aircraft is maintaining flight testing of a SpaceJet prototype at its Nagoya, Japan headquarters as pandemic-control measures prevent activity at its U.S. test base.
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First SpaceJet Of Certifiable Configuration Flies

By Bradley Perrett Mar 18, 2020
Mitsubishi Aircraft on Mar. 18 conducted the first flight of the first SpaceJet prototype that conforms to the new, certifiable design of the regional jet.
Aircraft & Propulsion

First PW1200G Assembled In Japan Flies On SpaceJet

By Bradley Perrett Feb 27, 2020
The first Pratt & Whitney PW1200G engine to be assembled in Japan has been flown, installed in a Mitsubishi Aircraft SpaceJet prototype, the airframe company said.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mitsubishi Aircraft Again Defers SpaceJet First Delivery

By Bradley Perrett Feb 06, 2020
SYDNEY—Mitsubishi Aircraft has deferred first delivery of the SpaceJet by at least nine months—from mid-2020 until no earlier than the fiscal year…
Air Transport

No Decision Yet On SpaceJet Schedule, Mitsubishi Aircraft Says

By Bradley Perrett Jan 30, 2020
Mitsubishi Aircraft denies reports that it has already decided to further extend the development schedule of the SpaceJet regional airliner, saying the matter is still being evaluated.
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