Greek Rafale Procurement Secures Parliamentary Support 

By Tony Osborne Jan 14, 2021
The Greek Parliament has approved the country’s purchase of Dassault Rafale fighter jets, but the buy only fulfils part of Athens’ desire to field 40 new-generation combat aircraft by 2025. 
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Talios Targeting Pod Enters Front-Line Service On French Rafales

By Tony Osborne Nov 05, 2020
The French Air Force has declared the new Talios targeting pod operational on its Dassault Rafales equipped with the F3R upgrade.
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Greece To Take 12 Second-Hand Rafales 

By Tony Osborne Sep 14, 2020
Greece will purchase six new-build Dassault Rafales and receive 12 second-hand aircraft from French Air Force stocks, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has confirmed. 
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Greece To Purchase Rafales, Reports Say

By Tony Osborne Aug 30, 2020
Reports suggest 10 aircraft will be purchased, with another eight used aircraft to be transferred from French Air Force stocks for free.
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Rafale Ride Leads To Inadvertent Ejection By Overstressed Passenger

By Steve Trimble Apr 09, 2020
A ride in a French Air Force Rafale B didn’t go as planned when an overstressed, back-seat passenger inadvertently ejected from the two-seat fighter, and the aircraft was saved only because of a previously undetected flaw that prevented the pilot’s ejection, a new French military report said.
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Record Rafale Export Deliveries Boost Dassault’s 2019 Revenues

By Thierry Dubois Mar 10, 2020
Record deliveries of the Rafale fighter helped Dassault Aviation’s revenues reach unprecedented heights last year.
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Neuron UCAV Supporting French FCAS Studies

By Tony Osborne Feb 21, 2020
The Neuron demonstrator flew a series of collaborative missions with five Dassault Rafale fighters and an E-3 airborne early warning platform.
Defense and Space

Switzerland Issues Second RFQ For Fighters

By Tony Osborne Jan 10, 2020
The Swiss government has issued a second request for quotations for new combat aircraft and ground-based air defense systems.
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Dassault’s Falcon Sales Decline Again, Rafale Deliveries Surge

By Thierry Dubois Jan 07, 2020
Deliveries of Dassault’s Falcon business jets have hit a new bottom, at 40 in 2019.
Defense and Space

Finnish Fighter Hopefuls Sending Aircraft For Assessment

By Tony Osborne Jan 02, 2020
Contenders for Finland’s fighter competition will be put through their paces in January and February in the Nordic nation’s challenging climate. The…
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