Daily Memo: ICAO’s Endorsement Of Net Zero In 2050 Will Not Silence Industry Critics

By Lori Ranson Sep 26, 2022
The global aviation industry has high hopes that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will endorse its goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 
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ICAO Tells Russia To Stop Re-Registering Aircraft

By Alan Dron Jun 30, 2022
The dual registration of aircraft raises safety concerns relating to the international validity of each airplane’s certificate of airworthiness, ICAO said.
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EU Aviation Summit Aims At ICAO-Level Agreement On Decarbonization

By Thierry Dubois Feb 04, 2022
The EU’s transport ministers have issued a declaration that they hope sets the stage for a long-term aspirational goal on aviation sustainability to be adopted at the ICAO Assembly in September.

French Lawmakers Call For ICAO-Level Environmental Rules

By Thierry Dubois Jan 13, 2022
Environmental regulations for aviation, such as mandates to use sustainable aviation fuel mandates and hydrogen technology certification, should be backed by an international framework set out by ICAO, a French parliamentary report says.
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IATA’s Net Zero Carbon 2050 Resolution Brings New Challenges

By Linda Blachly Oct 06, 2021
Once the IATA resolution for the global air transport industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 was approved at the IATA AGM in Boston, it was almost immediately met with the realization of the huge challenges ahead.

U.S. House Committee Advances Tax Credit For SAF

By Graham Warwick Sep 17, 2021
The credit is intended to stimulate production and consumption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by reducing the price premium over conventional jet fuel.
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U.S. Commits To 3B Gal./Year SAF Target For 2030

By Graham Warwick Sep 09, 2021
The aim of the actions announced is to “re-establish U.S. credibility through ambitious domestic commitments ... [and] demonstrate leadership on aviation ambition at the International Civil Aviation Organization,” the White House said.

SAF Tax Credit Needs Better Carbon Analysis, Biofuel Organizations Urge

By Graham Warwick Aug 11, 2021
U.S. agriculture and biofuel organizations have urged the U.S. Congress to base a proposed tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel on the most updated and accurate lifecycle carbon assessment methods and not the modeling used by the ICAO.
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Think-Tank: ICAO Statutes Should Include Climate Action

By Thierry Dubois Jul 22, 2021
It is high time for ICAO to integrate climate concerns into its statutes, otherwise little progress can be expected at its next general meetings, the French air and space academy (AAE) says.
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ICAO: Forced Landing of Ryanair 737 Could Violate Chicago Convention

By Karen Walker May 23, 2021
The Ryanair Boeing 737-800 with about 170 passengers was on a scheduled flight from Athens Airport in Greece to Vilnius Airport in Lithuania when it was intercepted by a MiG-29 fighter jet that escorted it to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where it was forced to land.
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OP-ED: Someday Soon Billions Of Passengers Will Want To Fly Again; Is The Aviation Industry Ready?

Rodney Slater and Gregg Leone Mar 02, 2021
The vaccines have given us back the power of “someday soon.” Now is the time for the aviation industry to think ahead.
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U.S. Congress Agrees On FAA Certification Changes, More Human Factors Emphasis

By Sean Broderick Dec 21, 2020
A bipartisan effort to fast-track new FAA certification and oversight mandates is using the emergency funding-focused omnibus bill to get the legislation into law, agreeing on new requirements targeting what the agency can delegate to manufacturers, emphasizing human factors reviews, and urging FAA to spearhead improvement of global pilot training. 
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ICAO Finalizes Last Elements For CORSIA Implementation

By Victoria Moores Nov 27, 2020
ICAO’s council has adopted decisions on eligibility units and sustainability certification, clearing the path for the implementation of CORSIA, the carbon-offsetting scheme for airlines.
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IATA Launches New Carbon-Offset Trading Platform

By Victoria Moores Nov 25, 2020
U.S. LCC JetBlue has performed the first transaction on IATA’s Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE), a new carbon-offset trading platform which went live on Nov. 25.
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Daily Memo: Industry Leads, Governments Lag On Testing

By Bill Carey Sep 17, 2020
An airline industry consensus has emerged that rapid testing as a precondition for travel is needed. The rub now is convincing governments to endorse the requirement.
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IATA Calls On Canada To Modify COVID-Prevention Plan

By Sean Broderick Sep 14, 2020
IATA is urging the Canadian government to replace mandatory quarantines and other travel restrictions with more stringent testing protocols that could help revive travel demand without putting citizens at risk. 
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ICAO Changes CORSIA Baseline To Account For Lower Demand

By Sean Broderick Jun 30, 2020
The 36-member ICAO Council has adjusted the baseline for its Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) program,…
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IATA Opposes New Quarantine Measures, Wants Harmonized Approach

By Jens Flottau May 13, 2020
FRANKFURT—IATA is in “strong opposition” to new quarantine measure for incoming passengers, its director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac said May 13.
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ICAO-Led Group Eyes Late May For Global Protocols

By Sean Broderick May 13, 2020
An ICAO-led task force has issued initial guidance developed to serve as a blueprint for revising travel procedures amid the COVID-19 pandemic and plans to have a comprehensive set of protocols drafted by month’s end.
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FAA Downgrades Caribbean States’ Safety Rating

By Sean Broderick May 08, 2020
An FAA review of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) found that the agency does not sufficiently comply with ICAO standards, placing the countries it regulates into Category 2 of the U.S. agency’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program. 
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COVID-Hit Airlines Press For Change To ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting Scheme

By Graham Warwick Apr 09, 2020
Airlines are asking for changes to the looming requirement to offset growth in carbon-dioxide emissions from international aviation to mitigate the…
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