Mission Robotic Vehicle Is Poised For 2024 Launch
Momentum for in-space servicing, space logistics and manufacturing is building.
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USAF To Cancel Next-Generation F-16 Electronic-Warfare Suite

By Brian Everstine Mar 29, 2023
The U.S. Air Force wants to cancel an electronic-warfare upgrade for its F-16 fleet to prioritize next-generation aircraft.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Raytheon/Northrop Revive DeepStrike For Long-Range PRSM Bid

By Steve Trimble Mar 27, 2023
The industry team will build and test an airbreathing propulsion subsystem for the proposed DeepStrike-Extended Range concept.
Missile Defense & Weapons

First Take, March 27, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Northrop Demos New Software-Defined Radio

By Brian Everstine Mar 23, 2023
The test of the Software Programmable Open Mission Systems Complaint radio terminal was developed under an Air Force Life Cycle Management Center contract.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Pentagon Budget Highlights Aircraft Development And Weapons Production

By Brian Everstine Mar 22, 2023
The Biden administration’s fiscal 2024 request includes an increase in procurement and research and looks to cut the current fleet to pay for it.
Budget, Policy & Operations

IHI Corp., Northrop Grumman Agree To Develop Maneuverable Small Sats

By Garrett Reim Mar 16, 2023
IHI Corporation of Japan and Northrop Grumman have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop “highly maneuverable” small satellites.

NASA Selects Axiom Space For Third ISS Private Astronaut Mission

By Mark Carreau Mar 15, 2023
NASA has selected Houston-based Axiom Space to conduct a third four-person private astronaut mission to the International Space Station.

Lockheed Delivers First F-16 For Bahrain After Four-Year Hiatus

By Steve Trimble Mar 10, 2023
Lockheed Martin on March 10 formally rolled out the first new F-16 for Bahrain after a four-year hiatus.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Producer Targets Drones, eVTOLs With Silicon-Anode Batteries

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
Advanced battery producer American Lithium Energy has secured $13.2 million in funding to expand its U.S.-based manufacturing capacity.
Aircraft & Propulsion

DARPA’s LongShot Moves Forward With GA-ASI Contract

By Steve Trimble Mar 08, 2023
DARPA selected GA-ASI in March 2022 to advance to the next phase of the project in March 2022, but a year passed before the manufacturer announced the news. 
Missile Defense & Weapons

Boeing Eyes Commercial SLS Bid For NSSL Phase 3

By Irene Klotz Mar 08, 2023
Boeing is interested in offering commercial Space Launch System flight services to the U.S. Space Force.
Commercial Space

U.S. Air Force Reveals New B-21 Design Details

By Steve Trimble Mar 08, 2023
The image, which the U.S. Air Force published on March 7, reveals for the first time that the inlets are shaped like sideways teardrops. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

NASA SpaceX Crew-6 Astronauts Reach Space Station

By Mark Carreau Mar 03, 2023
NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Dragon spacecraft successfully docked to the International Space Station early March 3.

NATO Could Follow Allies With New Airborne Early Warning Acquisition

By Tony Osborne Mar 03, 2023
NATO has received information on Boeing’s E-7, Northrop Grumman’s E-2 Hawkeye and Saab’s GlobalEye as it considers an interim AEW platform.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Raytheon Wins $250M Missile Tracking Satellite Contract From SDA

By Garrett Reim Mar 02, 2023
The satellites are to be part of the U.S. Space Force’s Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture.

DARPA To Develop High-Speed, Runway-Independent Prototype

By Brian Everstine Mar 01, 2023
DARPA will start a new program aimed at high-speed, runway-independent aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

China ‘Tested’ UK Carrier Strike Group Satcom, Airbus Says

By Chen Chuanren Mar 01, 2023
China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy challenged the UK Royal Navy’s carrier strike group during its deployment to the Pacific in 2021, an Airbus official says.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Pentagon’s Future Battlefield Networking Concept Is Getting Real

By Steve Trimble Mar 01, 2023
A decades-old concept for a ubiquitous battlefield network concept is starting to become reality.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Jetoptera Tests High-Speed VTOL Concept In Wind Tunnel

Feb 28, 2023
U.S. startup Jetoptera has completed wind tunnel testing to validate the ability of its adaptive Fluidic Propulsion System.
Advanced Air Mobility

Raytheon, Rafael Ready Skyceptor For Australia SAM Bid

By Steve Trimble Feb 28, 2023
A U.S./Israel team plans to propose the Skyceptor air defense system for Australia’s medium-range surface-to-air missile program.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Australia Cleared To Import AARGM-ER Missiles

By Steve Trimble Feb 27, 2023
Australia can buy up to 63 Northrop Grumman-built, long-range anti-radiation missiles worth up to $506 million, the U.S. government announced on Feb. 27.
Missile Defense & Weapons

SNC’s ISR Prototype Takes Shape As U.S. Army Readies Athena Awards

By Brian Everstine Feb 24, 2023
Sierra Nevada Corp.’s new, small fleet of future contractor-owned, contractor-operated surveillance jets is taking shape.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Northrop Starts Testing Self-Funded, Multifunction AESA Radar

By Steve Trimble Feb 23, 2023
The Electronically-Scanned Multifunction Reconfigurable Integrated Sensor is being developed to perform the functions of a radar, jammer and data link.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. Air Force Overhauls Training To Prepare For Combat At Sea

By Brian Everstine Feb 23, 2023
Red Flag, the service’s most important combat training event, shifts to overwater for the first time in its 48-year history.
Budget, Policy & Operations