EASA Mandate Targets Trent 800 Fuel Pumps
Operators of Rolls Royce Trent 800-powered Boeing 777s face mandatory fuel pump removals to correct an issue linked to thrust-loss incidents, EASA said.
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EASA Plans Special Leap-1B Monitoring Mandate

By Sean Broderick Sep 01, 2022
Problems with a part wearing prematurely led CFM International to recommend special monitoring of a Leap-1B performance parameter, and European regulators will mandate the work.
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EASA Issues More Proposed A321XLR Special Conditions

By Sean Broderick Jun 01, 2022
New proposed EASA special conditions mark next step in Airbus A321XLR’s long certification journey.
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Eastern European Air Traffic Severely Affected By War In Ukraine

By Jens Flottau Feb 24, 2022
Air traffic in Eastern Europe has been severely impacted by the consequences of Russia’s Feb. 24 attack on Ukraine. 
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French Lawmakers Call For ICAO-Level Environmental Rules

By Thierry Dubois Jan 13, 2022
Environmental regulations for aviation, such as mandates to use sustainable aviation fuel mandates and hydrogen technology certification, should be backed by an international framework set out by ICAO, a French parliamentary report says.
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Daily Memo: Don’t Ignore Benefits Of Two-Pilot Crew, Safety Expert Says

By Thierry Dubois Dec 20, 2021
As research and technology work on single-pilot operations may crystallize in new commercial freighters and large business jets, removing one pilot from the cockpit should be done conservatively, a safety specialist says.
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EASA Flags 13 A350s With Lightning-Protection Risk

By Alan Dron Dec 08, 2021
The proposed airworthiness directive (PAD) is to ensure affected aircraft do not have two production-quality problems that, when subjected to an intense lightning strike, could create a fuel tank vapor ignition source.
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EASA Directive Targets Airbus A380 Fuselage Reinforcement

By Sean Broderick Sep 08, 2021
EASA plans to mandate an Airbus-recommended fuselage modification which addresses A380 fuselage cracks operators are discovering when conducting a similar fix required by the European regulator.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Daily Memo: EASA Mulls Extended Role In Switch To Hydrogen

By Thierry Dubois Jul 09, 2021
As the idea of hydrogen-powered commercial air travel has gained traction in Europe, EASA believes it may have to look at certification beyond the aircraft.
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EASA: Progress, Concerns Grow On eVTOL Harmonization

By Graham Warwick May 18, 2021
Harmonization of the differing European and U.S. approaches to regulating electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft is advancing somewhat, but there are concerns over the lack of information on China’s approach to approving the new class of aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

French Light Aircraft Startup Plans Electric 19-Seater

By Graham Warwick Mar 23, 2021
A new French manufacturer has announced its intention to develop an electric 19-seat regional and freighter aircraft with early funding support from regional governments as part of post-pandemic recovery plans for the country’s aviation industry.
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Engine Failure Prompts Immediate Action For Pratt-Powered 777s

By Sean Broderick Feb 22, 2021
Global regulators and operators moved quickly to minimize the risk of another incident involving a Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777, banning them from airspace or voluntarily pulling them from service while the FAA, Boeing, and Pratt develop immediate inspection parameters. 
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Smartwings Plans First 737 MAX Route In Europe Since Recertification

By David Casey Feb 08, 2021
Czech carrier Smartwings is set to become the first airline to operate the Boeing 737 MAX on a scheduled route in Europe since EASA gave its approval for the aircraft’s return to service.
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EASA Details Next 737 MAX Changes; Boeing Ramps Up Deliveries

By Sean Broderick Jan 27, 2021
Background provided by EASA on its formal Boeing 737 MAX return-to-service (RTS) approval sheds light on future changes on tap for the narrowbody family.
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European Regulator EASA Ungrounds Boeing 737 MAX

By Jens Flottau Jan 27, 2021
EASA has become the latest regulator to lift the flight ban of the Boeing 737 MAX, issuing a corresponding airworthiness directive (AD) on Jan. 27.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA To Re-Certify 737 MAX Next Week

By Jens Flottau Jan 19, 2021
EASA plans to issue its Airworthiness Directive (AD) detailing the conditions for the ungrounding of the Boeing 737 MAX next week, EASA executive director Patrick Ky said Jan. 19.
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EASA Funds More Research On Toxic Airline Cabin Air

By Alan Dron Dec 23, 2020
EASA has called for proposals from organizations as it seeks more data on the long-term effects of contaminants in airline cabin air.
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Singapore, UK Regulators Sign MOUs On Technical Issues

By Chen Chuanren Dec 21, 2020
The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and UK Civil Aviation Authority sign two MOUs aimed at tackling emerging complex air-transport issues.
Maintenance & Training

British Aerospace In Limbo As Brexit Transition Period Nears End

By Tony Osborne Dec 15, 2020
Four and half years since the Brexit referendum and aerospace is no nearer to understanding what the UK’s future trading relationship with its nearest and largest trading partner will look like.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Singapore, EASA Amend Bilateral Certification To Cover ‘Innovations’ 

By Chen Chuanren Dec 04, 2020
The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have revised their bilateral arrangement to cover the certification of aviation innovations such as eVTOL aircraft.
Advanced Air Mobility

Brazil Adopts FAA’s 737 MAX Return-To-Service Requirements

By Sean Broderick Nov 25, 2020
Brazil’s national civil aviation regulator ANAC has adopted the FAA’s parameters for returning Boeing 737 MAX-family aircraft to service.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

European Report Suggests Policies To Tackle Non-CO2 Climate Impacts

By Graham Warwick Nov 24, 2020
A report by European researchers confirms that non-CO2 climate impacts from aviation are at least as important as those from CO2 emissions and suggests possible mitigation measures.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA’s MAX Return Proposal Adds Nuisance Stick-Shaker Disabling Procedure

By Sean Broderick Nov 24, 2020
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has issued its draft parameters for clearing the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again, adding flight crew procedures and performance limitations to the FAA’s requirements.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EC To Develop Common Testing Protocol To Boost Travel

By Helen Massy-Beresford Oct 29, 2020
The European Commission (EC) has pledged to develop a coordinated testing protocol for travelers, starting with aviation, as part of broader measures aimed at helping Europe better face up to the crisis.  
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA Approves New Airbus A330 MTOW Variant

By Alan Dron Oct 12, 2020
The new variant takes the Airbus A330-900's maximum take-off weight (MTOW) to 251 tonnes, a nine-tonne increase on the previous 242-tonne figure.
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