Preparing The Aftermarket For Advanced Air Mobility

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 22, 2021
Electric vertical lift startups, maintenance providers and infrastructure specialists are collaborating to tackle new challenges.
Aerospace & Defense

What Is Outlook For The IAE V2500 Engine Aftermarket?

By Paul Seidenman Mar 17, 2021
After more than 30 years of service, the V2500 engine endures despite pandemic-driven fleet changes.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Battery Shops And Providers Boost Capabilities

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 10, 2021
Battery shops and providers are advancing capabilities with lower-maintenance products and offerings to meet new pandemic-driven demand.

Post-Pandemic, SriLankan Seeks New MRO Opportunities

By James Pozzi Mar 04, 2021
Planning new partnerships in the post-COVID-19 landscape, SriLankan is looking to evolve its maintenance business.

March Brings New EASA-FAA Maintenance Annex Guidance

By Sean Broderick Feb 19, 2021
Latest EASA-FAA bilateral guidance update does not address several key issues.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Avianca's SVP Of Maintenance And Engineering On Pandemic Practices

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 19, 2021
Already restructuring before the pandemic hit, see how Avianca is adjusting its MRO practices and strategies.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Maintaining The SOFIA Astronomy Platform

By James Pozzi Feb 19, 2021
How Lufthansa Technik maintains a rare Boeing 747SP for NASA and DLR.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Pandemic Pushes Passenger Pathogen Protection

By Paul Seidenman Feb 19, 2021
Developments to reduce or neutralize pathogens in the aircraft cabin seeing increased attention in light of COVID-19.
Interiors & Connectivity

Despite Pandemic, Boeing 787 Aftermarket Expected To Surge

By James Pozzi Feb 19, 2021
Why MRO spending for the 787 is expected to remain robust over the coming decade.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Advances In Aircraft Safety And Emergency Equipment

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 19, 2021
Some of the latest developments across various types of aviation safety and emergency equipment.
Interiors & Connectivity

Final 2020 Stats Show Trends In Commercial Aviation, MRO

Feb 19, 2021
While 2020 was a bad year for commercial aviation, there were some positives and some surprises.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Where To Find Answers To Your MRO Questions

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 19, 2021
Subscribe to our free daily MRO Digest and our MRO Podcast, attend MRO Southeast Asia and MRO Americas and submit a question to Ask the Editors.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

How Maintenance Workforce Grants Could Support Industry Recovery

Christian A. Klein Feb 19, 2021
New workforce grant programs in the U.S. could help the maintenance workforce that was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Workforce & Training

Connectivity Installations Could Boost Passenger Traffic Post-Pandemic

By Alex Derber Feb 19, 2021
While the crisis has caused some airlines to delay connectivity upgrades, the need for them may well have increased.
Interiors & Connectivity

Opinion: The Pragmatic Electrification Of Aviation's Aftermarket

By Craig Gottlieb Feb 19, 2021
How can aftermarket providers use the “more electric” present to prepare for the future?
Emerging Technologies

FAA To Issue Part 147 Training Changes

By Sean Broderick Feb 17, 2021
Lawmakers prod FAA to finish technical training standards revamp.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Inside MRO News Highlights And Contracts, February 2021

Feb 17, 2021
HIGHLIGHTS AJW Opens New Milan Warehouse AJW Group has opened a new warehouse in Milan to provide supply chain services for EasyJet’s operation in…
Aircraft & Propulsion

SIA Engineering Company Continues Digitalization; Posts $5.8M Q3 Profit

By Chen Chuanren Feb 01, 2021
The Singapore Airlines Engineering Company (SIAEC) is taking the downturn of the MRO market to push ahead with the second phase of digitalization transformation efforts that began in 2017. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Pandemic’s Effect On Civil Aviation Maintenance Contracts

By Andy Webster Jan 29, 2021
Aviation Week analyses suggest more contracts are being extended and altered due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Webinar: MRO Cargo Conversion Intel for 2021

Jan 29, 2021
This webinar took place January 29, 2021 and was sponsored by Pratt & Whitney. IATA expects the air cargo volume to increase 13% in 2021 and airlines…

Trent 700 Aftermarket To Rebound In 2024 After COVID-19-Induced Hit

By James Pozzi Jan 20, 2021
Long considered to be a widebody workhorse, Rolls-Royce’s Trent 700 could yet ride out the crisis enveloping the large engine market.
Aircraft & Propulsion

FAA Order Targets 737-9s Missing Sealant On Wing Part

By Sean Broderick Jan 19, 2021
The FAA has flagged a subset of Boeing MAX-family aircraft as needing post-production re-work after the manufacturer discovered a sealant was not applied to certain components during manufacturing.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

What Is Trending In Passenger To Cargo Conversions?

By Paul Seidenman Jan 15, 2021
The market is growing quickly for both narrowbody and widebody passenger-to-freighter conversions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Examining MRO In 2020: There Are Positives

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 04, 2020
Despite turmoil in 2020, how MRO sector looks poised to rebound in 2021.
Emerging Technologies

Aftermarket Hubs To Watch Worldwide

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 04, 2020
Examining the position of aviation aftermarket hubs by region.
Aircraft & Propulsion