South Korean Spending On Aircraft Slows

By Kim Minseok Dec 15, 2020
All four RQ-4s have been delivered and all 40 F-35As will be in 2021. So the 2021 acquisition budget is not rising much.
Defense and Space

Requested Japanese Budget Would Extend Upward Trend

Dec 15, 2020
Although the ministry has requested a 3.3% rise, something closer to the 1.5% average of the past eight years is more likely to happen.
Defense and Space

Problematic Outlook For 777X Adds To Boeing’s Challenges

By Jens Flottau Dec 15, 2020
Long-haul aviation market has changed since the 777X was launched, increasing pressure on Boeing’s business case.
Air Transport

Chinese Defense Growth Should Slow With GDP

By Bradley Perrett Dec 15, 2020
If the relationship between China’s defense spending and GDP holds, growth in allocations will trend downward in the coming decade.
Defense and Space

Podcast: Interview with U.S. Space Force Chief

By Jen DiMascio Dec 14, 2020
Gen. John Raymond, the chief of space operations, looks back at the first year of operations for the U.S. Space Force and ahead at what is to come…
Defense and Space

Long-Haul LCCs Fight For Post-COVID-19 Survival

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 14, 2020
A business model that has long had its doubters will be facing tougher competition in the post-pandemic era.
Civil Aviation

Can Trudeau’s Defense Plan Survive Canada’s Next Fiscal Crisis?

By Steve Trimble Dec 14, 2020
A four-year-old strategy to boost spending levels for defense faces its greatest test in the wake of Canada’s COVID-19 response.
Defense and Space

Pandemic Downturn Opens New Doors For Low-Cost Carriers

By Ben Goldstein Dec 14, 2020
Demand trends during the pandemic and recovery should favor LCCs over larger legacy airlines.
Civil Aviation

Commercial Human Spaceflight Poised For Pivotal Year

By Irene Klotz Dec 14, 2020
U.S. back in human spaceflight business.
Defense and Space

Brazilian Aerospace Set For Landmark Year

By Steve Trimble Dec 14, 2020
A crop of developmental projects are set to come to fruition over the next 12 months as new projects enter the design phase.
Defense and Space

SpaceX Rolling Out Satellite Broadband Service

By Irene Klotz Dec 14, 2020
Public trials of SpaceX satellite broadband service are underway.
Defense and Space

Will Airlines Use More Narrowbody Aircraft On Long-Haul Routes?

By Jens Flottau Dec 11, 2020
Ask the Editors: Aviation will see less demand due to COVID-19, so the introduction of long-haul narrowbodies is unlikely to gain steam.
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

U.S. Palletized Munitions Concept May Become Reality In 2021

By Lee Hudson Dec 11, 2020
The U.S. Air Force continues exploring nontraditional means to expand air-launched munitions capacity.
Defense and Space

Debt-Laden Industry Struggles To Pursue Greener Next-Gen Aircraft

By Guy Norris Dec 11, 2020
Coming out of COVID-19 crisis, air transport must also meet demands for a more environment-friendly industry.
Civil Aviation

Why A&D Is Next Frontier For SPACs

By Michael Bruno Dec 11, 2020
Chances are you have never heard of an SPAC. But you or someone you know might be working for one in 2021—and you could be an investor.

The Week In Defense, Dec. 11-18, 2020

By Jen DiMascio Dec 11, 2020
Skyborg protoype awards; MQ-25 flies with refueling store; Northrop sheds IT division; and new council for commercial space.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Rotary-Wing Rationalizations Focus On Streamlining Fleets

By Tony Osborne Dec 11, 2020
Modernization and rotary-wing fleet renewal is a priority for defense’s new spending spree.
Defense and Space

Podcast: Inside Boeing 777X Flight Test Program

Dec 10, 2020
Aviation Week’s Guy Norris just visited Boeing Field, where he talked with 777X program leaders. Listen in for an update on the program’s status –…

Three Generations Of Fighters Compete For Limited Resources

By Steve Trimble Dec 10, 2020
Fateful decisions loom in the next 12 months for a global fighter market caught up in a pivotal debate over how much to invest in each of three…
Defense and Space

Aero Suppliers Staying Resilient, But What About 2021?

By Michael Bruno Dec 10, 2020
Recovering from its worst-ever crisis while also focusing on reducing the environmental impact will be a 2021 air-transport challenge.

Opinion: Why Defense And Social Responsibility Can Be Compatible

By Antoine Gelain Dec 10, 2020
There will be less harm in investing in guided missiles than in misguided men.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Nuclear Option For France’s Future Carrier

By Tony Osborne Dec 10, 2020
The size and mass of the FCAS Next-Generation Fighter is driving the need for a big-deck carrier.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Secret Bomber Programs Set For Possible Rollouts In 2021

By Steve Trimble Dec 09, 2020
Strategic bombers are enjoying a stealthy renaissance amid renewed competition among great power states: the U.S., China and Russia.
Defense and Space

Airlines Look To Green Comeback

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 09, 2020
Recovering from its worst-ever crisis while also focusing on reducing the environmental impact will be a 2021 air-transport challenge.
Civil Aviation

Does UK Still Need A Third Runway At London Heathrow Airport?

By Tony Osborne Dec 08, 2020
Ask the Editors: Major infrastructure projects may be a way to kick-start the economy if Parliament wanted to create jobs and investment.
Airports & Routes