Special Delivery: CTEC Welcomes The GE9X Engine

GE's Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC) facility in Cincinnati, Ohio recently received a GE9X engine for use in customer training classes. The engine arrived in mid-April and is being installed for its first customer training class scheduled for November.

The CTEC team has work to accomplish before the first group of customers enter the training center later this year. During the next few weeks, the team will mate the fan to the propulsor and attach the engine to a new pylon that mirrors the pylons under the wing on Boeing's 777X aircraft. Once the engine is in place, the instructors will stress test the training material with the help of GE's On Wing Support, Product Support and Field Service teams.

The Entry Into Service training courses will include line maintenance, boroscope and boroblend repair procedures, as well as fan stator removal and installation. The CTEC team is also working Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) training courses to supplement the in-person training. This engine also will be instrumental in developing LEAN maintenance practices that will be implemented in customer training modules and GE training procedures.

The CTEC GE9X engine delivery follows news about the second Boeing 777X completing its first flight, as well as preparation for the final GE9X engine certification test.