Two Korean Aerospace Industries T-50 light trainers have finally been delivered to the Royal Thai Air Force after a delay caused by damage suffered in bad weather. 

The aircraft were at the RTAF’s Takhli base in Nakhon Sawan Province, 240 km (140 mi.) northwest of Bangkok on Jan. 25, 17 days after they left South Korea for the ferry flight.

The Thai T-50s were forced to abort to Kuantan Airport, on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. The crews had encountered difficulties after flying though severe weather over the South China Sea.

Checks on the ground showed that the single engine of each aircraft had suffered slight damage. The RTAF demanded replacement engines.

The other two aircraft from the 2015 order are expected to be delivered in March as scheduled. Thailand designates these aircraft as T-50THs. Although they will be used for training, they are fitted with radars and wired for weapons, giving the capabilities of the FA-50 light-attack version of the T-50. 

Eight more T-50s, worth US$258 million, were ordered in July 2017; deliveries are expected by 2020. The KAI T-50s will replace Thailand’s L-39 trainers, which also operate from Takhli.