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Marhalim Abas

Southeast Asia Correspondent

Marhalim Abas, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covers Southeast Asian defense. He has worked as a journalist specializing in Southeast Asia defense and security since 1994, initially with the New Straits Times newspaper.

Indonesia Tests Chinese CH-4 Rainbow UAV 
Indonesia is using two China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. CH-4B Rainbow strike-capable, medium-altitude/long-endurance drones for testing and evaluation.
Indonesian Police Take Delivery Of Third Bell 429 Helicopter 
The Indonesian police force has taken delivery of its third Bell 429 light helicopter, completing a contract signed three years ago.
Indonesian Aerospace Flies CN-235 Testbed 
Indonesian Aerospace has completed the first flight test of a CN-235 light transport built to test new equipment and capabilities for the type.
Indonesian Police Sign Deal For 11 Leonardo Helicopters 
The Indonesian police force reportedly has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 11 twin-engine, medium-size Leonardo helicopters—nine AW169s and two AW189s.
Indonesia Buys Naval Guns For Missile Boats 
Indonesia has ordered four BAE Systems’ Bofors 57mm Mk. 3 naval gun systems for its navy fast missile boat program, the company says.
Malaysian Flankers Test New Bombs, Capabilities 
The Royal Malaysian Air Force introduced two types of Russian general-purpose bombs into service with its Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker fighters following a recent live fire exercise.
Airbus Opens Helo Center In Malaysia 
Serving all customers in the region, the completion center is capable of simultaneously working on four medium helicopters, such as H175s. Assembly and delivery capacity is 20 helicopters a year.
Indonesia Develops ACMI Pod For Its Flankers 
The ACMI pod, developed by the defense ministry’s Defense Potential Directorate and private company PT Tress, is ready for production after tests on prototypes showed it met all the requirements of the Indonesian Air Force, the ministry says.
Malaysia Wants To Work With Turkey In A&D, Prime Minister Says 
Malaysia’s prime minister says the country wants to work with Turkey to develop its aerospace and defense industries, as the latter is willing to share its tech.
Malaysia Looking For Three Utility Helicopters 
The helicopters will be used to transport troops and equipment for ongoing operations there, Royal Malaysian Navy Chief Adm. Reza Sany said.
Indonesian Aerospace To Take Philippine NC212i Order 
Indonesian Aerospace will accept a Philippine order for six NC212i transporters next month, the company says.
Indonesian Aerospace Hesitates To Take NC212i Order 
Philippines Air Force (PAF) Chief Air Lt. Gen. Rozzano Briguez said the aircraft should be received in 2020, but the manufacturer would not confirm when asked by Aerospace DAILY.
Philippines To Receive 10 Black Hawks In 2020, Six In 2021 
The Philippines will take delivery of 10 Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk helicopters next year, its air force chief says.
Singapore Shows Off Aster SAM 
The appearance of an eight-wheel transporter erector launcher fitted for eight Aster missiles in the July 6 parade rehearsal revealed a standard configuration for the system as bought by Singapore.
Indonesia Receives Special-Mission C295 
The aircraft, built by Airbus and equipped by Indonesian Aerospace, was handed over from the local factory at Bandung on June 27, the Indonesian company said.

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