Marhalim Abas


Marhalim Abas, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covers Southeast Asian defense. He has worked as a journalist specializing in Southeast Asia defense and security since 1994, initially with the New Straits Times newspaper.

Bad Weather Forces French Rafales To Land In Indonesia 
Bad weather over the Indian Ocean forced seven Dassault Rafales of the French Navy to divert to an airbase in Indonesia on May 18.
Philippine Police Return To Flight With Light Helicopters 
Grounded for six years, the Philippines National Police (PNP) air wing has returned to the skies after the delivery of three light helicopters.
Australian Tigers Deployed To Southeast Asia 
Australia has sent four Airbus Tiger ARH attack helicopters to Southeast Asia for the type’s first international deployment.
Australia Deploys Poseidon For Operation Gateway 
Australia has operationally deployed a P-8A maritime patroller for the first time to a Malaysian base for patrols in the South China Sea and north Indian Ocean.
Indonesia Signs For Three More South Korean Submarines 
Indonesia has ordered three more Type 209 diesel-electric submarines worth $1.02 billion from South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.
Indonesia Adds To Airbus H215 Fleet 
Indonesia has contracted for an 11th Airbus Super Puma transport helicopter from state-owned manufacturer Indonesian Aerospace.
Thailand Fires Chinese YJ-83 Anti-Ship Missile 
Thailand has conducted its first firing of a Chinese-made YJ-83 anti-ship missile in a naval exercise on April 5.
Malaysian Navy Floats Idea For Utility Helicopter Purchase 
Facing a budget crunch, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) may downgrade a long-standing helicopter requirement from anti-submarine to utility capability.
Indonesia Sticking By Su-35 Order, Rostec Says 
Russian state holding company Rostec says Indonesia's pending order for 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters will go through.
Malaysia Tightens Reins On Military Modernization 
Money woes continue to hamper Malaysian military recapitalization and sustainment plans as the government indicates it has other priorities.
Indonesia Wants Six CL-415s For Firefighting 
Indonesia plans to buy six Viking Air CL-415 amphibians for firefighting operations, the country’s air force chief said.
Indonesia To Buy Six Firefighting CL-415s 
Indonesia plans to buy six Viking Air CL-415 amphibians for firefighting operations, the country’s air force chief said.
Philippines Receives Helicopter Parts From Japan 
The Philippines Air Force will return at least one grounded UH-1 helicopter to service within five weeks as the service begins receiving parts donated by Japan.
Singapore Looks To 2030s As It Plans Fleet Renewals  1
Singapore is updating its F-16s to an advanced standard, but they will be out of service within a decade.
Singapore Plan Implies F-35 Order Complete In 2020s 
Singapore will retire its 60 F-16s by 2030, a government presentation suggests, implying that acquisition of F-35 Lightnings will be completed in the 2020s.
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