Honeywell Upgrades Guidance Systems At Incheon Airport

Honeywell is upgrading systems at Incheon International Airport that serves Seoul, South Korea.
Credit: Honeywell

Honeywell is upgrading the airfield lighting and surface movement guidance systems at Incheon International Airport (RKSI) near Seoul, South Korea. 

It is a flagship project for the U.S. manufacturer, which is installing its airfield ground lighting control and monitoring system (AGLCMS) and advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS) at RKSI, South Korea’s largest airport. Honeywell expects taxiway lighting improvements to be finished by April, with the remainder of the project completed by October 2022.

Recent construction of the airport’s fourth runway and expansion of its northern remote apron have increased flight capacity per hour from 90 flights to 107, Honeywell said. The opening of Terminal 2 at RKSI in January 2018 expanded its capacity to 18 million passengers and 50 million tons of cargo per year.

The AGLCMS helps improve pilots’ situational awareness and visibility during adverse weather conditions. Segments of taxiway lighting are activated as needed to direct flight crews, while other segments are switched off. 

Honeywell’s A-SMGCS designates a route for each aircraft or vehicle within the airfield’s movement area based on information from other airport systems, including: data communications with aircraft; ground radar; ground sensors; and visual-range, infrared and distance-measuring cameras.

“With more than 380,000 flights managed yearly, Incheon International Airport is one of the highest-trafficked gateways to Southeast Asia,” RKSI’s director of the aeronautical ground light team Chang-Jun Lee said.

“Under high-traffic conditions, reliable guidance systems such as those installed by Honeywell are critical to the pilots maneuvering around our congested airfield and taxiways.”

Honeywell has designated RKSI as a flagship project of its “Iconic Buildings” campaign, highlighting the airport’s efforts to improve air safety and optimize operations.

Bill Carey

Based in Washington, D.C., Bill covers business aviation and advanced air mobility for Aviation Week Network. A former newspaper reporter, he has also covered the airline industry, military aviation, commercial space and unmanned aircraft systems. He is the author of 'Enter The Drones, The FAA and UAVs in America,' published in 2016.