Briefs From EBACE 2022—May 24

JetConneX provides airborne broadband.
Credit: Inmarsat

Inmarsat And Orbit Expand Partnership 

The new Jet ConneX compatible inflight broadband terminal will meet record demand for premium business aviation connectivity, says Inmarsat. Compact and tail-mounted, the terminal is progressing toward type approval on Inmarsat’s Ka-band satellite network after the company expanded its partnership with Orbit Communication Systems, provider of airborne communication solutions. The advanced system is compatible with a wide range of business jets, from super mid-size to large cabin platforms, and includes only two Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). The simplified architecture is optimized for efficient installation and weight savings, which in turn helps to reduce its environmental impact. See Inmarsat at Booth X41.

Avfuel Helps Aviators Hedge Amid Market Volatility

How can today’s volatile oil market be managed? The simple answer is to plan. The most effective solution is to hedge against price uncertainty; a solution Avfuel provides to its customers through its Price Risk Management Program. When Avfuel introduced the program at the end of 2020, the industry was experiencing 10-year lows on fuel prices; as analysts anticipated at the time, prices have continued to rise to exceed pre-pandemic levels. Analysts do not anticipate a letup anytime soon: Goldman Sachs recently projected crude oil to exceed $125 per barrel over the next few months. Avfuel is at Booth D67.

Lyon-Bron Airport Signs Charter For The Environment

The new, 2022-2027 environmental charter for Lyon-Bron airport was signed May 5 in the presence of the local sub-prefect Benedict Rochas by the platform manager of VINCI Airports (Booth R77. The charter is seen as important in terms of cohabitation between local people and general aviation, particularly in promoting greatly reduced noise pollution. All VINCI Airports favor the environment through ambitious targets to decrease CO2 emissions; improve air quality and biodiversity; and conserve water resources.

Avinode’s Paynode Speeds, Simplifies Transactions

Following the progress of aviation payments on multiple platforms is an everyday stress for many finance departments, but Avinode is at Booth B67 to promote Paynode for faster and more secure air charter payments. Launched as an integrated payment service in Avinode’s marketplace in 2016, the platform has evolved significantly and now connects more than 250 air charter companies globally, enabling them to make instant payments within the network. In the first quarter of 2022, Paynode passed the milestone of 150 weekly transactions, meaning the activity on the platform has increased by 200% in the last six months. 

Dassault M&O Upfront And Personal

Dassault’s Worldwide M&O (Maintenance and Operations) seminar series returned in force on April 6 and 7 in Paris, with more than 600 members of the extended Falcon family in attendance. The opportunity for so many to meet face-to-face once again was welcomed. And that was just the beginning of the season, with well-attended editions in Dallas, Denver and Toluca. In May, sessions touched down in São Paulo, Westchester outside New York and Chicago. Dassault is on Booth Z67 and its Falcon jets in the static display (AD20).

Irish Business Aviation Association Launches at EBACE 

The Irish Business & General Aviation Association (IBGAA) is at Booth G87 (Irish Aviation Authority) marking its formal launch in Geneva this week, coinciding with the news that it is to host its own network-focused destination conference this fall. The formal debut will take place on Nov. 17 in a partnership with the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), at Adare Manor, Limerick. IBGAA has confirmed Gulfstream as its first premier sponsor.

Collins Aerospace’s Izon Makes European Debut

Collins Aerospace is at Booth X53, demonstrating its recently launched Izon technology platform, showing how it integrates and streamlines business aviation services including flight planning, weather, fleet operations and more. Izon gives pilots and flight operators a single place to access all their applications any time and on virtually any device that is connected to the internet. Previously, flight operators would have to log into a different site, with a different password for each of their services as they prepared for a flight. Each site would look different and many weren’t accessible on mobile devices. 

MySky Sharpens Agility Of Bizav 

A global technology company specializing in financial solutions for business aviation, MySky (Booth E57) is adding new features to its AI-driven expense management product, MySky Spend, which is designed to give business jet owners and operators even more transaction efficiency and cost visibility. Spend is an aviation spend management platform that allows clients to automate processes and boost operational efficiency. The software’s latest update includes a redesigned user interface for both fleet operators and aircraft owners. Updates to the owner portal include a redesigned calendar with enhanced access to financial information for every flight.

UAS Responds To Doubled Demand For Ground Supervision

A UAS International Trip Support supervisor’s role is to navigate the complexities of the aviation landscape by reducing points of contact, simplifying the trip planning process. Global demand for additional ground support in the form of UAS VIP Supervisors has risen by 200% since the pandemic. The dramatic rise is indicative of the complexities experienced over the past two years which have seen traditional operating environment turned on its head, reports UAS (Booth A22). Operators are engaging supervisors to navigate the complexities and handle any unforeseen issues of the operation on the ground, thereby enabling them to enhance efficiency, speed, and reduce delays, costs and stress. 

4AIR Here In Force For Good Of The Environment

The first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, 4AIR has an all-encompassing presence at EBACE, driving enhanced action around decreasing private aviation’s impact on the climate. 4AIR president Kennedy Ricci says: “During the conference, we not only will talk about, but also put into practice, the tools available today to reduce the impact of aviation-emitted pollutants that contribute to climate change. We hope this translates to aircraft owners, operators and passengers taking steps on their own to reduce their air travel’s impact on the environment.”

Myairops Launches Stores And Inventory Management Solution

Farnborough-based myairops, a global provider of software solutions and trip support services, is at Booth V93, with a new product: myairops stores and inventory. This provides an operationally efficient, modern solution to managing inventory within the aviation industry. Launch has been facilitated by arrival of its first customer, who is to go live at the end of May 2022. The system will provide an intuitive, end-to-end solution to stock control and management while empowering the customer to make informed, data-driven decisions based upon real-time forecasts.