Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson
No Clouds on Cirrus Vision’s Horizon
It had a painfully slow start, but the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is, at last, climbing away into the blue yonder of production in serious numbers.
FlightSafety Platinum: Gold-Plated Training
FlightSafety International announced Platinum, a program that provides “new and innovative services, exceptional benefits and the highest level of training program customization available.”
“Rocket Ships” on Sale Here
Blackhawk Modifications increases the power output of utility aircraft suffering from tired-engine syndrome. Today, they are celebrating the completion of the 800th upgrade and releasing details of a new project that will soon be enlarging on that number.
BBJ: Traveling in Style With Style

Take a slow look around the interior of your average business jet. Are most of the lines straight, or of constant curvature – a bit, well, “samey”? Contrast that with the concept interior for the BBJ MAX 7 highlighted, the creation of Sky Style, a U.S. company founded by Argentinians Lucas Columbo and Max Pardo.

No Death Rattles for This Sabre
Old-timers have a wealth of stories to relate – airplanes included. That might be why Honeywell has recently shone the spotlight on the departure of an avionics testbed of three decades’ standing.
Tamarack Winglets – Seize the Light
Tamarack Aerospace Group is having a busy year with a newly rolled-out plan to generate further interest in its patented Atlas active winglet system for Cessna Citations.
Japan Promotes Multiple Airports
Japan is represented in force at this year’s convention, committed to spreading the word that the country is eager to accept both business air travelers and tourists.
Bombardier – Gone to the Dogs
Bombardier Business Aircraft is giving away “Smoothie” cuddly toy dogs at its static display, because its Global family of business jets are the airplanes of choice for all creatures, great and small.
Bulgarian Brothers Deliver the Goods
Delivery drones are imagined as helicopters dropping parcels on doorsteps. Proving this a misnomer are Bulgarian brothers Konstantin and Svilen Rangelov, with their quarter-scale model of Dronamics Black Swan.
Airport Secrets Laid Bare
Ground radar tapes: if there isn’t an accident, they serve no useful purpose. Wrong. Detailed analysis can yield a cornucopia of data, valuable to airports and airlines alike
You Can’t Hide Your Flying Eyes
The Flying Eyes range incorporates redesigned, thin temples that improve fit and comfort for those wearing noise-canceling headsets.
Norsk Titanium: A Copper-Bottomed Company
Norsk Titanium, an OEM-qualified supplier of aerospace-grade, additive-manufactured, structural titanium components, comes to Farnborough with a string of recent achievements.
Disabled Fliers ‘Build Their Own’ at Farnborough
To reverse the roles for a change, witness the enthusiastic helpers and sponsors of the Aerobility disabled fliers’ charity building their own airplane.
Update Or Mandate, Universal Has An Avionics Answer
Newly taken under Elbit’s wing, Universal Avionics expands its product line.
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