Since leaving the German motor glider company that continues to bear his name, Dr. Reiner Stemme has devoted his energies to utility air systems for surveillance and monitoring, generating several designs based on the sailplane formula for two related firms. Having reportedly sold one of these businesses to an investment fund based in Qatar, Dr. Stemme is back with a new company, to be found in Hall 2c/B342. This is GmbH, trading under its subsidiary’s name RS.RedEagle.

Funding is being sought for two systems: RS120 Whisper Guardian and RS500. Near-term financing was secured, last month from Austro Nexus Holding, and work is proceeding currently on the initial project. RS120 first flight is due next year, followed by deliveries in 2021.

The system resembles the S10 recreational sailplane and offers 6-hr. endurance with two crew or 25 hr. as a UAV, thanks to a hybrid powerplant and under-wing, podded, battery-charging engine. Payload is 276 lb. (125 kg) unmanned, or double that with one crew member, flying at heights of up to 15,000 ft. (4,570 meters).

A fresh departure for Stemme is the twin-engine RS500, which is due to fly in 2021 and enter production in 2022. Like its smaller brother, it incorporates an EO/IR sensor turret and a real-time satellite data link, but a major difference is in time-on-task, with 12 hr. available to a two-man crew, or 50 hr. as a UAV on two 4.2 kVA wing-mounted propeller motors.

With 1,650 lb. of payload to play with, the twin has room for ground surveillance radar and a line-of-sight data link. Operating ceiling is 30,000 ft. unmanned; slightly less with crew aboard.