Sierra Nevada and its Turkish partner STM have established a new company to build updated versions of the Dornier 328 and 328Jet in Turkey.

TRJet will be based in Ankara and produce both models of the aircraft. It will also begin design and development of a new 60- 70-seat aircraft – dubbed TRJ628 – which is due to fly in 2023. This is in line with the Turkish government’s national regional jet program, launched by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on May 28.

The TRJet subsidiary will ultimately produce and sell the aircraft and the associated variants. The 328Jet will be marketed as the TRJ328, while the turboprop version will be offered as the T328.

“We believe that the combination of technology, research, collaboration and decades of experience is the right recipe for TRJet’s future success in Turkey and around the globe,” said Sierra Nevada president Eren Ozmen. “We are confident that TRJet, working with our partners in Turkey, and the commitment and support of those involved in the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project, will be successful in producing aircraft that changes the face of transportation in Turkey.”

Under the current plan, the first Turkish-produced TRJ328 or T328 will fly in 2019. At the same time, work will be progressing on the design and development of the enlarged TRJ628. The transport ministry wants to have completed design work on the 60- 70-seater in 2020, with first flight planned for 2023.

The program is expected to cost around $1.5 billion to set up.