Bombardier Business Aircraft’s new ultra-long-range $72 million Global 7500 business jet has earned certification from Transport Canada, paving the way for entry-into-service this year.

FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification is expected to follow shortly.

Transport Canada awarded the certification for the clean-sheet, four-zone, 7,700-nm jet at a ceremony at Bombardier’s Global Completion Center in Dorval, Canada.

“The certification of our clean-sheet Global 7500 business jet is a defining moment for Bombardier, for our employees and for the industry, as we approach entry-into-service,” David Coleal, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft, said. “Thanks to the rigor and innovation of our design and test program, the Global 7500 aircraft has succeeded in elevating every standard by which a business jet is measured – comfort, luxury, performance and a smooth ride…. We couldn’t be more proud of this achievement.”

The award comes eight years after Bombardier unveiled the flagship aircraft, originally called the Global 7000, in 2010, and two years since it made its first flight in November 2016. Since then, five aircraft have completed more than 2,700 hr. of flight testing.

Originally called the Global 7000, Bombardier changed the name to the Global 7500 because of performance improvements and to align it with its growing Global family, which includes the recently announced Global 5500 and 6500.

During development, the range increased from 7,400 nm to 7,700 nm, allowing the aircraft to fly nonstop from New York to Hong Kong or Singapore to San Francisco. At the same time, takeoff and landing distances decreased to 5,800 ft. and 2,520 ft., respectively.

The aircraft, which can carry up to 19 passengers, features GE Passport engines and a Bombardier Vision flight deck and has a top speed of Mach 0.925 and a top altitude of 51,000 ft. It includes Bombardier’s newly designed Nuage seats, a full-size kitchen, stateroom with bed and shower, entertainment area and other amenities.

On Sept. 27, Bombardier announced that it has firmed up an order for two Global 7500 and four Global 6500 aircraft from HK Bellawings, a Hong Kong-based aircraft management firm. The order is valued at $370 million based on list prices and could rise to $1.142 billion if all options are exercised. The order follows a letter-of-intent signed in Geneva in May.

The company has secured a strong order backlog for the Global 7500.

Rolland Vincent, president of Rolland Vincent Associates, a consulting firm, estimates that Bombardier has more than 100 orders for the aircraft, “which is a solid performance.” Bombardier expects to deliver about 20 Global 7500s in 2019 and about 40 in 2020. The company is sold out into 2021, it has said.

Certifying the Global 7500 two years after first flight is impressive, Vincent said.

“I, frankly, have been one of the people questioning if they had the ability to move that fast,” he said. “Now they have proven that they can.”