Some 43 years ago, California-based ATP (it stands for Aircraft Technical Publishers) set out to create a single-source library service for aviation technical and regulatory publications using computer technology. Now it claims to be the premier provider of content management and information services with 5,600 customers in 96 countries.

Today it is launching what ATP CEO Charles Picasso calls the next evolution in making its library accessible: the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile App cloud platform, that enables maintenance providers and operators around the world to tap into extensive databases with any smart device.

“Instead of using a laptop, the information can be accessed anywhere at any time,” he says.

ATP’s libraries are built on the digitization and continuous updating of the manuals, technical specs and service bulletins for a multitude of aircraft types and their equipment, supplied by 54 OEM manufacturers and regulatory and safety authorities. Next year, says Picasso, ATP will be able to provide full documentation by tail number.

This means ATP will be able to offer a maintenance logbook for individual aircraft accessible from anywhere. The logbook will record all maintenance actions, and prove compliance with service bulletins and safety regulations.

“If you can prove an aircraft has been properly maintained, its residual value will be higher,” Picasso says.

ATP today delivers more than four terabytes of updated information every month.