Poll: Will the industry continue to see mid-life aircraft after the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is still unclear whether big airlines plan to offload aircraft or keep them in storage until demand returns to pre-coronavirus levels – if it ever does – but one near-certainty is that there will be considerable slack in the system once travel restrictions are eased.

This will probably mean a collapse in the value and lease rates of mid-life aircraft, especially mid-life widebodies, due to a glut of supply. This glut will come from the numerous airlines that will fail during the crisis, and from the surviving players, which will shed their older equipment before new in the face of lower demand.

The result will be bad news for the MRO market, which profited from booming demand for mid-life equipment through the last decade, as airlines responded to buoyant passenger traffic and, in recent years, sought cover for the Boeing 737 Max grounding, Airbus A321neo delivery delays and those 787s hit by Trent 1000 issues.

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