AAR Launches New Fellowship Programs

Demand for MRO technicians in the U.S. is set to reach approximately 91,000 by 2027.
Credit: AAR

In an effort to help address technical labor shortfalls, U.S.-based AAR has launched two additional fellowship programs in Indianapolis.

The company has added new fellowship programs with Vincennes University and Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) as it continues to expand efforts to attract new talent to the industry.

AAR’s new fellowship program, which complements its current EAGLE (ethics, airworthiness, greatness, leadership, engagement) Career Pathway program, will provide scholarships to the students who are selected as AAR fellows to pursue airframe and powerplant programs and an opportunity to work at an AAR MRO facility.

Michael Gehrich, director of aviation at Vincennes University, believes that AAR’s fellowship program cut downs the educational cost and removes a barrier for students who wants to pursue a career in the aviation maintenance technical field. 

“This shows AAR’s commitment to help fill the aviation maintenance technician pipeline and connect students with the potential for a six-figure career track,” says Gehrich.

The program also offers guaranteed employment with AAR to students with a good standing, the company says.

Earlier this year, AAR graduated its first class of fellows at a similar program in Rockford, Illinois.

“The need for aviation maintenance technicians is as critical as the shortage of pilots and continues to grow,” says Brian Sartain, AAR's vice president of repair and engineering.

Prachi Patel

Prachi Patel is a London-based Associate Editor for Aviation Week's MRO editorial team. She writes news articles and designs data infographics for Aviation Week's commercial aftermarket output.