Remote-Collaboration Tools Connecting Distant MRO Teams

Credit: RealWear

1. Hands-Free Guidance

Company: RealWear

Specifications: RealWear’s HMT Platform for remote collaboration consists of a hands-free, voice-guided headset with a high-definition camera tailored for industrial use cases. In addition to enabling two-way video calling between workers in the field and remote experts, the platform gives workers access to technical manuals and documents, step-by-step instructions and internet of things data visualization. The device is capable of pairing with any Android app that has been optimized for hands-free voice control. RealWear says the HMT Platform is “flying off the shelf” right now, thanks to its recent integration with Microsoft Teams.

Credit: Testia

2. Remote Expertise

Company: Testia

Specifications: Testia Remote Assistance is a browser-based application for real-time, expert quality assurance on remote tasks such as maintenance inspections or repairs. Technicians on site are linked to a remote expert via live video communication, and the expert can then draw on the screen via the tool’s integrated whiteboard feature or take control of the settings and results from measurement devices or computers used on site. The tool is device-agnostic and can run on smartphones, computers and wearables, with the ability to store and share data via the cloud.

Credit: Donecle

3. Automated Aircraft Inspections

Company: Donecle

Specifications: Donecle’s drones can be used for visual inspection of entire aircraft exteriors, combining high-resolution images with automated defect detection and report generation. According to Donecle, its solution inspects aircraft 10 times faster than current inspection methods while reducing safety concerns for technicians working at height. The company’s secure cloud platform enables immediate upload and sharing of inspection data to give customers an objective view of an aircraft’s structural condition as well as access to the digital history of inspections for potential predictive maintenance use cases.

Credit: Expert Teleportation

4. Long-Distance Problem-Solving

Company: Expert Teleportation

Specifications: Expert Teleportation is a hands-free remote-collaboration system that pairs smart glasses with software to connect technicians with remote experts. Technicians completing tasks such as inspections can use the system to contact an expert and share what they are seeing to get help in solving problems. Expert Teleportation is working to integrate new functionality into the system, including automated reporting using machine learning and a maintenance application to provide step-by-step instructions.


Credit: Safran

5. Remote Borescope Inspections

Company: Safran

Specifications: Safran’s B.SIde is a remote borescope-­inspection service to enable both on-the-job training of technicians working on Safran engines and provide expert advice during borescope engine inspections. Technicians are able to share live images of borescope inspections that both parties can zoom in on and consult while conducting a face-to-face video call. The system comes with accessories to connect to and share borescope images with live experts from Safran as well as an interactive web platform and iOS app that features an automated checklist and inspection report generation tool.

Augmented Reality Management Platform
Credit: Atheer

6. Digitized Work Instructions

Company: Atheer

Specifications: Atheer’s Augmented Reality Management Platform enables teams to collaborate remotely using video assistance from remote experts and digitized work instructions, which the company says can provide efficiencies for aircraft and engine inspections. Atheer says the platform helps companies deliver on-the-job training faster and more broadly across multiple locations, providing a 20-50% reduction in the cost of training a distributed workforce. The company also says the platform can enable better supply chain collaboration for the maintenance and repair of aircraft components.

video tutorial
Credit: Speach

7. DIY Interactive Video Tutorials

Company: Speach

Specifications: A knowledge-sharing platform from Speach enables MRO technicians in the field to capture interactive digital work instructions from their locations and share them with team members worldwide. The platform blends audio, video, text documents, images and hyperlinks to allow MRO technicians to quickly create, share and view tutorials on a tablet or smartphone. Speach promotes the platform as beneficial for both onboarding new workers and enabling technicians in any location to share step-by-step video instructions with colleagues worldwide.

Credit: Librestream

8. Guided Maintenance

Company: Librestream

Specifications: Librestream’s Onsight mobile collaboration platform enables technicians to work remotely with experts and customers to perform guided maintenance tasks, conduct remote inspections, and witness and certify tests. The augmented reality platform features software capabilities such as analytics, capture of content for training and audits, data visualization, digital work instructions and more, as well as optional accessories such as the Onsight Cube thermal wearable.


Lindsay Bjerregaard

Lindsay Bjerregaard is managing editor for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. Her coverage focuses on MRO technology, workforce, and product and service news for, Aviation Week Marketplace and Inside MRO.