HAECO’s Chinese Engine Business Hits GE90 Milestone, Readies Test Cell For GE9X

HAECO Engine Services Xiamen has multiple service offerings for the GE90.
Credit: HAECO Engine Services Xiamen

HAECO Engine Services Xiamen has completed its 700th GE90 output and has finished implementing upgrades to its engine test cell at its facility in China.

The company has specialized in overhaul, engine test and component repair services for the GE90, the engine powering the Boeing 777, for more than 10 years. 

Aviation Week’s Fleet & MRO Forecast predicts a market value of $105.1 billion for the GE90 globally from this year through to 2030.

Testing is done from its 150,000 pounds of thrust engine test cell, which HAECO Engine Services Xiamen has been readying it for the arrival of the GE90’s successor engine the GE9X, which powers the 777X. Boeing said earlier this year that the aircraft’s entry into service could happen by 2023. 

Work on the test cell commenced in April and a series of enhancements have been made since. These include upgrading the intake and exhaust stack to accommodate greater airflow, installing new noise reduction infrastructure, and adding an extra safeguard structure on the test cell’s thrust stand. 

HAECO confirmed that following the modifications, both a shakedown test and full correlation test were carried out to correlate the modified engine test cell and confirm its serviceability and accuracy.

“With our upgraded engine test cell, we are progressing towards capability for servicing the GE9X, supporting the company’s long-term growth and enhancing our competitiveness,” says Angus Barclay, group director components and engine services of HAECO.

James Pozzi

As Aviation Week's MRO Editor EMEA, James Pozzi covers the latest industry news from the European region and beyond. He also writes in-depth features on the commercial aftermarket for Inside MRO.